Who are 3S Money?

We know first-hand how difficult it is to scale a business internationally, so we decided to do something about it. Our international accounts help businesses feel at home in every market, regardless of their passport. Because it isn’t about where you’re from, it’s about the value you bring.

Our story in numbers

  • 2018

    After experiencing business banking frustration first-hand, we launched in 2018
  • $3bn

    In 2022, we processed over 
$3 billion in client payments worldwide
  • 190+

    We’ve grown from a single co-working desk to a team of 190+ people in 7 offices


International payments for the brave

We exist for the brave businesses going beyond borders and the boundary-pushing founders behind them. All of our clients share the same goals: to get closer to their customers, launch in new countries, and build a business without limits. It takes courage to take on the world - we'll help you get there.

Where it all began

3S Money began with a problem: our founders had launched a business in the Netherlands but, without Dutch passports, were shut out of the Dutch banking system.

If you don't have the right passport, your business often can’t access new countries. But we believe in entrepreneurship, not banking bureaucracy, so we fixed it.

Eugene Dugaev, Andrei Dikouchine and Ivan Zhiznevsky, founders of 3S Money posing for a picture.

3S Money  then

We set out to build a revolutionary banking platform to help mid-sized businesses scale in new global markets, faster.

The result? One digital account that enables payments in 190+countries and access to 65+ currencies

Ivan Zhiznevsky engaged in a conversation with a colleague at 3S Money's London office.

3S Money  now

Today, we’re the international payment service of choice for thousands of shareholders and directors. We have 150+ employees in 6 offices. In 2022, we processed $3 billion in client payments.

A lot has changed since we launched in 2018, but our vision remains the same. We’re building a fairer financial world, helping businesses feel at home in every market.

3S Money’s team in Riga posing for a group picture.

Our core values

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    We’re faster

    Our digital payment platform transports your business wherever it needs to be. We’re 10x faster than traditional banks.
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    We’re fairer

    We’re creating a fairer financial access for businesses from 190+ countries and counting. With us, it really is a small world.
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    We care

    Corporate banking is broken. That’s why we’ve combined leading technology with a Client Manager for every account holder.

Meet the star team

Ivan Zhiznevsky

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ivan is a prominent UK Fintech industry leader and regular commentator on finance, business and innovation. In 2018, he co-founded 3S Money, a Fintech company helping corporate clients send, collect and exchange money in 190+ countries. In 2021, 3S Money achieved profitability and is continuing to scale with offices in London, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Riga and Dubai and Singapore. 

A former journalist with BBC World Service, Ivan is an advisor of peer-to-peer lender Relendex and 3S Capital Partners, a Dutch-regulated asset manager.

Eugene Dugaev

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Eugene is a well-known European Fintech information technology expert. For over a decade, he managed and oversaw the IT department at Rietumu, a major Baltic bank, initially as Head of Business Technology and later as a VP / Board Member responsible for automation.

His experience includes web-based and mobile banking apps, customer authentication systems, document management technologies, online card processing capabilities and financial AML / KYC IT systems.

Eugene is a founding member of the Latvian Start-Up Association.

Andrei Dikouchine

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Andrei is a renowned veteran of the UK banking industry with a wealth of leadership experience in the top UK, US and global financial institutions.  His accolades include being named one of England’s 20 Top CFOs in the Banking Space by CFO Boardroom Media.

The highlights of his 20+ year career in finance include senior positions in London and New York with Salomon Smith Barney / Citigroup and senior coverage of private equity clients with KPMG business modelling group in London.  Over the last twenty years, Andrei successfully facilitated numerous funding rounds and exits for prominent tech entrepreneurs across Europe.

For over a decade, Andrei had taught Advanced Financial Modelling for the London Business School’s Master in Finance Programme.

In his spare time, he is a keen tennis player and model railway enthusiast. 

Alya Dikouchine

Head of People & Culture

Alya is the Head of People & Culture at 3S Money. With offices in six countries, Alya is building a dynamic company culture that saw 160% headcount growth in 2022. Working at the intersection of candidate and employee experience, Alya's team is responsible for talent acquisition, the employee journey, learning & development, community and, diversity and inclusion.

After studying Politics and International Relations at Bristol, Alya went to work at an award-winning creative and recruitment company. Her thoughts on company culture and inclusivity have also been published in The Times and Raconteur. 

Tetiana Terletska

Head of Global Client Management​

Tetiana is a highly experienced and accomplished banking professional with over 14 years of experience in the industry. Despite her family's desire for her to pursue a career in medicine, Tetiana decided to chart her own course inspired by Ron Chernow's book, "The House of Morgan". After completing a degree in International Finance, Tetiana earned two master's degrees in Economics and International Finance. 

Starting her career in 2009 as a branch manager, she quickly rose through the ranks, earning numerous awards for her exceptional customer service and management skills. She has a proven track record of leading and building high-performing teams and has successfully taken brands and projects from scratch to market success. As the VP and Head of Global Client Management for 3S Money, Tetiana brings her extensive experience to lead and support the company's VIP client service efforts and drive business growth through client acquisition and relationship building.

Tom Herring

Chief Revenue Officer

Tom Herring is a seasoned executive and accomplished leader with a strong background in revenue generation and business operations. Tom joined the company in 2022 and has been instrumental in aligning revenue-facing functions globally to support the company's rapid expansion.

With a wealth of experience in similar roles across the manufacturing and Insurtech sectors, Tom brings a unique perspective to his position. He possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in scaling companies.

Prior to joining 3S Money, Tom held key leadership positions where he successfully led teams and spearheaded revenue growth initiatives. Tom's commitment to excellence and his keen eye for identifying opportunities have earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor. He brings a unique blend of industry knowledge, strategic thinking, and a customer-centric approach to his role at 3S Money.

Tom holds a degree in Business Administration and has continued his professional development through executive education programs. He remains at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, enabling him to consistently deliver innovative solutions that address evolving market needs.

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