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Who can apply for a 3S Money account?

3S Money is open to people everywhere. We welcome directors and shareholders from over 190 countries and work with businesses that traditional banks might ignore. Whether you're into importing, exporting, manufacturing, e-commerce, managing assets, or running a family office – we've got the right account for you.

Which industries does 3S Money accept?

We aim to support businesses in as many industries as possible, wherever they operate in the world. We apply a human approach to onboarding, compliance and KYC procedures, allowing us to work with companies in high-risk regions that traditional banks might otherwise decline.

The list of industries we can support includes but isn’t exclusive to: 

  • Agriculture, farming and forestry

  • Art, antiques and luxury goods

  • Commodities

  • Computers and communication equipment

  • Construction

  • Energy and utilities

  • Food, beverages and tobacco

  • Health & beauty

  • Household and consumer goods

  • IT, software development and maintenance

  • Machinery and metal products

  • Medical

  • Motor vehicles

  • Print and media

  • Sports and gaming

  • Textile, clothing and footwear

  • Transport and logistics

Which industries does 3S Money not accept?

We cannot work with specific industries for legal, compliance, regulatory, or ethical reasons. 

The prohibited industries include but are not exclusive to:

  • Adult

  • Atomic power

  • Cannabis and CBD products

  • Chemicals and allied products

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Embassies and consulates

  • Foreign exchange services

  • Gambling

  • Political and religious organisations

  • Shell banks

  • Shell companies

  • Weapons/firearms

We recognise that these industries may be legitimate businesses for some. However, we have decided not to support them in compliance with our operational jurisdictions' laws, regulations, and governance.

For further information, please refer to the 3S Money Terms of Service.

What countries does 3S Money not work with?

We work with shareholders and directors in 190+ countries but are unable to work with businesses in the following:

Afghanistan, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Botswana, Cambodia, Crimea, Cuba, Donetsk, Eritrea, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Luhansk, Mali, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, Venezuela and Yemen.

Open an International Business Account

3S Money is the preferred payment provider of thousands of shareholders and directors in 190+ countries. 

To discover if 3S Money is right for you, complete our online eligibility checker and receive pre-approval in under 15 minutes.