Multi-currency batch payments for business, in one click

Streamline your international payroll and supplier payments. Our platform enables you to effortlessly make bulk payments to 190+ countries in 65+ currencies.


Businesses who benefit from using batch and bulk payments with 3S Money


How do batch payments work

Zak Lamari

Global Head of Sales and Training

As simple as...


Create your batch or bulk payment file


Upload the file to the 3S Money Client Portal


Review and confirm your payment


Send your payment for processing


Make batch payments worldwide

Pay your international suppliers and employees in their preferred currency on time, every time. Reduce conversion fees with localised banking services in 190+ countries.  



Simplify your finances

Consolidate your global cash flow in one digital payments platform. Access 65+ currencies and make high-value transfers via local IBANs supported by a dedicated Client Manager.


Anna Uvarava

Head of Commercial Client Account Management, 3S Money


Take control of your time

Are you tired of spending hours on individual transactions? Remove human error with customisable, automated payments with instant reconciliation to your chosen accounting or payroll system.



"3S Money provided a bespoke service that’s hard to find with other fintechs. We can now focus on our goal of becoming the leading real estate investment platform in Europe knowing we have a solution that will scale with us.”

Tanel Orro, CEO at Reinvest24

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Frequently asked questions

What are batch payments and how do they work?

Batch payments is a system that allows you to send payments to multiple recipients simultaneously, without manually processing each transfer.

What are the advantages of using batch payments for businesses?

By removing manual processes, reducing the risk of human error, and improving transaction monitoring - batch payments make transferring money faster, cheaper and more efficient.

What types of payments can be processed using batch payments?

Businesses can use batch payments to pay vendors, employee salaries, invoices, bills, process refunds and bulk payouts.

How can I create batch payment instructions?

You can easily make batch payment instructions in two ways:

  1. You can create them directly in an Excel spreadsheet.

  2. You can generate them automatically by exporting data from your existing financial or Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs).

Can I make batch payments in different currencies with 3S Money?

With 3S Money, you can easily make large, high-value batch payments worldwide with a single batch upload. Read our step-by-step guide here.

Is making batch payments safe with 3S Money?

Every 3S Money payment is protected using industry-standard encryption and two-tier user authentication - safeguarded by our top-tier banking partners.

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