4th December 2023 3 minutes

3S Money partners with Chapter One

3S Money joins forces with the online reading volunteer programme, Chapter One, for inclusion within education and giving back to the community.
3S Money partners with Chapter One
We’re beyond thrilled to announce our latest partnership, especially as it's one that’s a little different to our usual collaborations. This time, we’ve joined forces with Chapter One, an online reading volunteer programme that connects schools and families with corporate volunteers.
3S Money champions inclusion, and we love that this programme will help more students start off on an equal footing. Chapter One’s virtual model for volunteering gives our employees an excellent opportunity to add value whilst fulfilling social value commitments around education, social mobility and inclusion.

Georgia Renvoize

Culture Lead

3S Money is thrilled to join forces with the Chapter One programme, aligning our mission of financial inclusion with the transformative power of literacy! Partnering with Chapter One reflects on our dedication to improving the literacy and, by extension, potentially the financial literacy of the next generation. By focusing on children who need the most support, this partnership aligns with our internal commitment to diversity, inclusion, and addressing social disadvantages early on. With Chapter One, we believe that fostering literacy in these young minds is a crucial step towards a more inclusive and empowered future!

A shocking 38% of 11-year-olds from disadvantaged backgrounds in England leave primary school unable to read English well, leaving them a full nine months behind their peers. Interventions like Chapter One's Online Reading Volunteers programme have been created to address this problem and we are so excited to be a part of this initiative.

We’re very grateful to 3S Money for their commitment to Chapter One this year. The window to teach children how to read is short and missing it can make it almost impossible to catch up. By connecting children with effective, one-to-one reading support at the time they need it most, we develop fundamental reading skills and inspire a love for reading from an early age, helping to build confidence in children who might otherwise slip through the cracks.

Emma Bell, CEO, Chapter One

About Chapter One

Chapter One pairs corporate volunteers with disadvantaged children all over the UK who need vital reading practice. All volunteers use a bespoke web-based platform and a voice connection to link from their workplace or home to a child on a dedicated classroom laptop. Each volunteer reader ‘meets’ with the same child for just 30 minutes a week, during the school day, over an entire school year. The volunteer-child pair read stories and play games that build fluency, comprehension, phonics and, most importantly, foster reading confidence and enjoyment. 

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