3S Money story

3S Money was launched by a team of experienced merchant bankers and FinTech professionals, all disillusioned with high-street banks that fail to understand the intricate workings and unique needs of businesses. 

We believe that modern financial technology should provide fairness in banking, offering equal access to banking no matter where you trade. 

We aim to provide a much-needed personal touch in a highly technological industry, effortlessly marrying the old-fashioned merchant banking experience with cutting-edge financial technology. 

3S Money is a banking service for a community of selected cross-border businesses where members are accepted by invitation only.

3S stands for ‘three sigma’ or ‘three standard deviation’. For an approximately normal data set (think distribution of probabilities for possible outcomes in the future), values within three standard deviation of the mean (think base case) account for about 99.7%, or near certainty for what is practical to plan for. We, at 3S always aim to get our clients the best possible outcome whilst being prepared for 99.7% of what uncertain future may bring.

3S is a financial group that has been operating in the City of London since 2009. It has great expertise and a proven track record in dealing with regulated activities in the UK. For example, the founders, Andrei Dikouchine and Ivan Zhiznevskiy, serve as FCA-approved directors on the board of Relendex.com, an FCA regulated online peer-to-peer lending business. 

Another entity controlled by the 3S Money founders is 3S Capital Partners BV, an asset manager regulated by the Dutch authorities. This has a substantial UK regulatory and banking element at the core of its investment activities in the UK. 

Meet the team – directors 
and officers

Our team are experienced merchant bankers and fintech professionals fed-up with high-street banks which fail to understand where you come from and what you need.

Heartbeat –  
company news and updates

With 3S Money you never walk alone, we are a heartbeat away.

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