What is an IBAN?

An IBAN, or International Bank Account Number, is a reference number attached to a bank account used for sending and receiving global payments. 

The IBAN format is internationally recognised, having most recently been standardised by ISO 13616:2003.


It consists of a two-letter country code followed by two numerals, with up to thirty-five alphanumeric characters after. 

Is an IBAN different to a normal bank account?

No, they’re both different ways of referring to the same concept.

It’s worth clarifying a normal bank account has both a basic bank account number (BBAN) and an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

However, the extra information included as part of an IBAN is beneficial when making cross-border payments.

It helps to clarify the country where the recipient’s bank account is located, adding an additional layer of verification to the process.

I’m sending a payment to someone using 3S Money. What information do I need?

We’ll need both their IBAN and SWIFT code to ensure your payment reaches its intended destination smoothly.

While the IBAN refers to the individual bank account you’ll be paying to, the SWIFT code refers to the specific bank. 


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Last updated: 02/05/24

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