Help Centre Sending & receiving payments

How do I make a payment with 3S Money?

Once you’ve logged into your Client Portal and set up your first beneficiary (learn how to add those here), you’ll be ready to send your first payment.

Step 1.


At the top of the page, click on ‘Transfer Money’. From the dropdown menu, select which account you’d like to send funds from.

Step 2.

Once on the transfer money page, you’ll need to select the following information:
-The currency you’d like to send;
-The recipient you’d like to send it to;
-The amount you’d like to send.
In the ‘purpose’ box, summarise why you’re making the payment. For example, maybe you're paying an invoice. (This box is for our internal records.)

You’ll also be able to provide a message to the recipient. 
Once done, click ‘next’. 

Step 3.


You'll reach a confirmation page displaying your payment details, complete with a countdown timer at the top. This indicates the amount of time you have left to confirm the payment through DUO Mobile, the two-factor security app we use.
Open the DUO Mobile notification you'll have received on your phone, and accept the payment by pressing the green tick icon.

Step 4.

Done! Your payment has now been confirmed. You'll find it in the 'History' section of your account, complete with a reference number for your own records.