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Does 3S Money offer non-resident business bank accounts?

Yes, 3S Money specialises in providing non-resident business accounts tailored to the needs of domestic and international companies. With flexible, innovative, and human-led solutions, we can support borderless business banking anywhere in the world.

Who can apply for a business account with 3S Money?

We work with directors and shareholders from over 190+ countries and territories. Our international accounts help businesses feel at home in every market, regardless of the colour of their passport. With our express onboarding, you can apply and receive pre-approval in under 15 minutes.

What documents do non-residents need to open a 3S Money business account?

To support your application, you will need to provide us with the following personal and professional documents:

For all company directors, major shareholders, and account operators:

  • Valid passport.

  • EU/EEA National ID card.

  • Proof of address.

For the business:

  • Company Registry Extract (no older than six months).

  • A document confirming the company's good standing, management, and shareholding structure.

  • Shareholder Register.

Key Features of a 3S Money International Business Account:

  1. Easy account setup: 3S Money simplifies the setup process, enabling non-resident businesses to establish their accounts with minimal hassle.

  2. Human support: Every 3S Money account is assigned a dedicated Client Manager with experience in supporting non-resident businesses worldwide.

  3. Multi-currency Support: With instant access to 65+ currencies at bank-beating FX rates, you can send, receive, and exchange high-value international payments.

  4. Local business IBANs: As part of our International Business Account, we offer local accounts so you can transact as a local business, enabling you to pay salaries, taxes etc.

  5. Online Platform: Access your account and manage transactions online through 3S Money's user-friendly digital platform, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

  6. Compliance and Security: 3S Money highly emphasises compliance and security, adhering to international regulations and employing advanced security measures to safeguard your financial activities

For non-resident businesses seeking reliable and tailored banking solutions, 3S Money’s International Business Account allows you to operate your business locally and globally on your terms.

Apply today or speak to our friendly sales team to learn how 3S Money can support your business needs