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Helping Fanpass buy and sell tickets for worldwide sporting and cultural events

Fanpass is a global online ticket marketplace where sports enthusiasts, music fans and the culturally curious can buy and sell tickets for the world’s biggest events.

Searching for a ticket to see Barcelona vs Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League? Got a ticket for a Beyoncé concert that you want to sell? The Fanpass platform makes it easy. 

What isn’t quite so easy, however, is the financial infrastructure a business like Fanpass needs to operate successfully.

The challenge

Just like the events you’ll find on their website, Fanpass’s operations are global. They needed a business account that could provide hassle-free transfers with their European customers’ local banks, while also offering the ability to send and receive secure payments across borders and in multiple currencies.

This is where 3S Money enters the story.

"“Giving our customers the best possible experience is one of our core values, and we love that this is now mirrored by our payment provider, 3S Money. The onboarding was quick and efficient, and we’re excited to see how 3S Money will help us grow.” "
Kevin Zidan Head of Product

The outcome

Our International Business Account matched Fanpass’s needs perfectly. As well as making and receiving payments effortlessly in 65+ currencies and 190+ countries, the account offers competitive live FX rates and no transaction limits. 

What’s more, Fanpass didn’t have to go through time-consuming (if not impossible) onboarding processes to set up accounts in each separate country they wanted to do business in.

Unlike many traditional banks, 3S Money doesn’t discriminate based on the colour of your passport. So, with the support of Sales Executive Daryl Laygo, Fanpass were up and running quickly and easily.


Equipped with their 3S Money International Business Account, Fanpass is now in an operationally and strategically strong position to grow their global presence even further. 

They can make and receive payments in multiple currencies across the world with favourable FX rates – all from one simple online account.

With sporting tournaments and music performances reaching new markets all the time, Fanpass will be helping the next generation of fans to buy and sell tickets to the world’s biggest events.

"I’ve loved working with Fanpass during such an exciting period of growth for them. I admire their ambition so it’s been a pleasure to support them on their journey."
Daryl Laygo Business Developer