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A Local IBAN could help with scaling your business. Here’s how:

Scaling, or expanding into international markets can be difficult for SMEs. We delve into the world of IBANs and how they can aid in propelling your business to new heights.

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Company news

3S Money partners with Chapter One

3S Money joins forces with the online reading volunteer programme, Chapter One, for inclusion within education and giving back to the community.

3 days ago

3 minutes
Company news

We’ve partnered with Napier for financial inclusion in business

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with London-based financial crime compliance RegTech, Napier, in a move towards fairer financial access for businesses.

17 days ago

2 minute read
Company news

3S Money takes Lisbon for the Payments Association's annual conference

Our CEO and CRO headed to Lisbon this week to deliver a keynote speech and panel discussion at the Payments Tomorrow conference in Lisbon. Read on to learn how it went.

57 days ago

2 minutes
Company news

We’ve partnered with Know Your Customer!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with award-winning RegTech provider Know Your Customer, in a move towards enhancing efficiency, transparency and inclusion in financial services.

94 days ago

3 minute read
Company news

We’ve partnered with TransferMate!

3S Money has joined forces with TransferMate, giving our customers access to 70+ currencies, strengthening our global payments infrastructure.

136 days ago

3 minute read
Company news

Our new brand identity and the mission behind it

Since our founding in 2018, our mission has been to create a fairer financial world for business owners everywhere. Now in 2023, our mission remains the same, but our visual identity has been transformed.

261 days ago

4 minute read