4 September 2020

COVID world: new reality – new rules

Our first comic starring Ivan Zhiznevskiy (CEO), Eugene Dugaev (CTO), Alena Kibale (Head of Compliance) and Tetiana Terletska (Head of Client Relationship Management Department). What could happen to Fintech in the COVID world? Disclaimer: humour detected!
New rules new reality

Human beings can adapt to almost everything: city air, remote work, tax hike or an abrupt worldwide love of the avocados. While learning to live in the post-COVID world we are finally getting to the stage of full acceptance. The utmost leader of this stage and total pick of the suburban fashionistas is a second popular print on the tailor-made T-shirts: “keep calm and carry on” now has been transformed to “keep calm and wear your mask on, Karen”! 

Picture what could be happening in the Fintech world if one would go a bit too far with introducing extreme measures for social distancing? We bet Karen would not be happy with that either.

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