16 July 2020

How do we envisage smart compliance for the 21st century?

Fast, automated, user-friendly. Sounds like a dream but we at 3S Money invest a lot of time and energy into making it happen. Working on both fronts – technology and human resources – we intend to create a pleasant compliance journey with improved payment behaviour analysis, data collection and processing.
How do we envisage a smart compliance for the 21st century?

Our new head of compliance, Alena Kibale has an innovative vision on how to change the way cross-border KYC is being done:

“I endorse a call for more automation in compliance. We play important role in creating a framework where businesses can thrive safely. My strong believe is that Fintech industry brings a lot of modern solutions that can be implemented into the KYC/AML process. We’ll handpick the very best of them for the benefit of our clients. I look forward to playing my role in establishing a new work flow at 3s.money, helping our international clients to experience a more pleasant compliance journey.”

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