20 March 2020

How to keep calm while the world is upside down with COVID-19?

In times like these, when not only the banking sector or the economy, but the whole world is turned upside down because of the COVID-19 virus, everyone feels the need not just for collective action, but for change. The business community must adapt to circumstances and work as one. Here are some simple solutions we’ve developed to help our clients in this challenging situation:

SEPA price drop 

To support the business community during these testing times, we’ve decided to significantly lower fees on SEPA payments with immediate effect: from mid March, any EUR out payments to SEPA-connected recipients have been reduced from €8 to €2 (flat, irrespective of the amount sent). Incoming payments in EUR and all other currencies remain free of charges.

Next destination: Amsterdam

While there are temporary travel restrictions and border shutdowns, this is still our world and it belongs to us all. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce that we’re expanding our presence and opening a new office in Amsterdam. The regulator has approved our new branch, and this means that we’re going live with the Dutch BIC: MOLUNL22 and issuing our own IBANs. The launch date is planned for 8th May, but all the pre-orders and other requests can be referred through the email [email protected] as of now.

Multi-role access

Another piece of good news concerns technical update. Thanks to the hard work of our team of developers, all our clients can now delegate tasks and approve payments within our platform. In simple terms, an accountant can set up payments and they’ll be stored in the system until a director logs in, reviews and executes them. MultiSign tool will help our clients to proceed with payments without the need for person-to-person contact during this quarantine period!

Let’s all #StaySafe and keep on rolling!

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