25 May 2020

3S Money's Dutch IBANs are live!

Local Dutch IBANs are now available for our clients – 3S Money's business customers can accept and send out payments using local NL account number. They will benefit from a full range of foreign currencies including USD, CNY, RUB and SGD. Our CTO, Eugene Dugaev, hints some details on this update:

“The Netherlands is one of European countries with their own heritage for bank account structure. The process of getting local IBAN is not that trivial: the bban (basic bank account number) should correspond to the long-standing local standard that include specific logic rules that must be followed – called “Elfproef” or passing the 11-test. Only then the correct bban can be wrapped into the well-known IBAN structure. Although, this bban standard is going to be obsolete this summer, our NL IBANs still comply with it. The reason is simple – the legacy of local payment applications will still rely on this validation logic for a while and we are making sure our IBANs’ acceptance is not hindered by this.” 

P.S. If you didn't understand a word from the above – don't worry. It is our job to sort payments out behind the scenes.

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