11 October 2023 2 minutes

3S Money takes Lisbon for the Payments Association's annual conference

Our CEO and CRO headed to Lisbon this week to deliver a keynote speech and panel discussion at the Payments Tomorrow conference in Lisbon. Read on to learn how it went.
3S Money attends Payments Tomorrow conference in Lisbon

3S Money headed to sunny Portugal on Monday for the Payments Tomorrow annual conference in Lisbon, Portugal, where some of the biggest names and executives in the fintech industry gathered to discuss the future of payments. 

CEO and founder of 3S Money, Ivan Zhiznevsky, kicked things off on Tuesday with a Keynote speech on building a fintech unicorn (a startup with a valuation of over $1 billion) without Venture Capital (VC) funding.  

In his inspirational session, Ivan challenged the conventional path to unicorn status, giving listeners practical guidelines on how to get there in today's startup landscape. From explaining how not to run into the “wall” to deciding on your end game, no stone was left unturned! 



In addition to Ivan’s keynote speech, our CRO, Dr Andrea Noormon, also graced the Payments Tomorrow panel to shed light on the future of payments within the EU. 

Her insights provided a glimpse into financial inclusion, EU banking infrastructure, how 3S Money protects against fraud and much more.


At 3S Money, our goal is to break down the barriers around international trade and create a more financially inclusive environment where businesses can thrive. Payments Tomorrow is where those industry-changing conversations happen. 

About the Payments Association

The Payments Association is the largest community in the payments industry, helping approximately 300 companies with financial inclusion and evaluating new opportunities for innovation.  

The organisation was founded in 2008 in the UK and is now operating in the EU and Asia too. It works closely with key industry stakeholders such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Bank of England, HM Treasury and more to drive collaboration within the payments sector. 

Reach new markets in the EU and beyond with 3S Money

Get in touch with our team or visit our blog to learn more about worldwide payment solutions for your business, like 3S Money’s International Bank Account. If you're ready to get started, you can check your eligibility and receive a pre-approval in under 15 minutes. 


Meet the authors

Sharyh Murray


Sharyh is the lead Content Writer at 3S Money with a strong background in crafting high-quality, compelling fintech and FX-related articles. With extensive expertise in the field, Sharyh's writing resonates with a variety of audiences and drives action among readers, whatever the financial topic.

Ivan Zhiznevsky


Ivan is a prominent UK Fintech industry leader and regular commentator on finance, business and innovation. In 2018, he co-founded 3S Money, a Fintech company helping corporate clients send, collect and exchange money in 190+ countries.


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