27 October 2020

3S Money now provides a newly updated payment API

3S Money has now done a major update of its payment API and this new, upgraded service is now publicly available. This new feature is of especial interest to asset managers and P2P marketplaces

Payment API for business banking

3S Money now offers a RESTful API connection to clients who would like to plug our ‘Wallets As A Service’ product into their own interface. For example, a P2P platform can integrate this API into their platform and request automatic IBAN+e-wallet generation whenever a new client has gone through their KYC process.

"We are very excited to now offer a more practical Banking as a Service solution to our complex clients like marketplaces, crowdfunding and P2P platforms, and moneylenders.”

Remarks Katya Dorofejeva, the Sales Executive at 3S Money who oversaw the delivery of this enhanced service

This new feature will help us to serve our P2P clients even more seamlessly, allowing them to see to their clients without hassle.

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