15 October 2020

3S Money participates in Open Banking discussion

Are high street banks condemned to partner with FinTechs or die? Can Open Banking save hours of work for customers and compliance officers? Ivan Zhiznevskiy participates in BrightTALK’s ‘Driving FinTech Forward’ webinar series to share his professional opinion.
3S Money BrightTalk

Yesterday our CEO Ivan Zhiznevskiy took part in an invigorating panel discussion alongside some other FinTech thought leaders as part of BrightTALK’s ‘Driving FinTech Forward’ webinar series. 

In the talk Ivan expressed his thoughts on the challenging but exciting new world of Open Banking and on the mutual benefit of partnerships between new FinTech innovations and incumbent banks. On the topic of Open Banking, Ivan discussed the benefits to 3S Money of using Open Banking in terms of making KYC and Compliance more labour-efficient for both ourselves and our customers, but also mused that at this current early stage in its implementation there are still challenges surrounding verifying authenticity.

Check this link if you want to hear more

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