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What is the DUO Mobile App and Is It Safe to Use?

DUO Mobile is a security application you’ll need to install on your phone when you sign up for your 3S Money account.

It’ll ask you to confirm your identity when logging into our client portal, and also confirm any payment you make through the platform.

How does DUO Mobile work?

When logging in or making a payment, you’ll receive a notification from your DUO Mobile app for you to approve. You'll then be able to complete the necessary action.

Can I use my 3S Money accounts without DUO?

No, not currently.

For the security of our clients, DUO Mobile remains an essential part of operating a 3S Money account. It ensures that only the intended user can log into their account or confirm any payments.

It only takes an additional couple of seconds to accept the notification on your phone, but the additional security it provides is well worth it!

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