My business is new. What documents do I need?

We don’t treat you any differently just because your business is new.

We’ll ask for the same documentation as any other applicant when you apply for a 3S Money account, and you’ll undergo the same compliance and KYC procedures. 

Therefore, you’ll need to supply the following as part of your application:

For all company directors, major shareholders and account operators

  • Passports: a scan of the document

  • Proof of address: a scan of a utility bill, bank statement or tax document with your details

For the company itself

  • Company Registry Extract (no older than 6 months)

  • A document confirming good standing of the company, management and shareholding structure: a scan of the document

  • Shareholder Register: typically in a PDF file format

One of our friendly sales team will be in contact to discuss you and your business, including the countries you’ll be paying to and receiving from, along with which currencies you’ll be looking to use.

Learn more about our approach to compliance and KYC here.

First published on 22/02/2022.

Last updated: 23/08/23

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