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Reaching new global markets with Planeta

Reaching new global markets with Planeta 

Imagine you have a brilliant new product that you want to bring to market. You’ve sorted production, your branding is strong, and you’ve nailed your marketing strategy. But one crucial step is causing headaches: efficient transportation through your supply chain.

UAB Planeta Contracts organises and manages the complex journeys goods take along supply chains. Whether that’s by road, rail, air, water – or a combination – they take your cargo and transport it where it needs to go. And they do this for companies with worldwide operations.

"I love how efficiently we communicate with UAB Planeta Contracts and their global reach. Being very easygoing, open and responsive it's no wonder their logistics business is striving."
Marta Smirnova Key Corporate Client Account Manager


The challenge


Planeta’s business requires working with shipping companies and transport providers all over the world. That means they need to make daily transactions in a whole host of different currencies. To manage all of that successfully, they needed a multi-currency bank account. 

But there was a problem. Planeta’s bank simply couldn’t offer the range of currencies they needed to support the demands as they scaled their growing international business. Not only that, making and receiving multiple cross-border payments was very costly, with transfer fees and high FX rates eating into their profits.

It was time to find another solution – one that would give them the global reach they needed at a minimal cost. Enter 3S Money!




Our International Business Account offered all the functionality Planeta was looking for. They’d be able to make and receive payments in 190+ countries and 65+ currencies, get FX rates up to five times lower than traditional banks, receive support from a dedicated Client Manager, and view all their transactions in a single dashboard.


Confident that 3S Money would deliver everything they needed, Planeta Contracts signed up. Onboarded by Onboarding Analyst, Inita Darzina,  they were quickly up and running with our straightforward, intuitive platform with minimal disruption to their operations.

As a result, Planeta can now send and receive funds internationally, giving their business the global financial reach it needs. Their 3S Money dashboard also provides a streamlined view of all their global transactions with access for multiple users in different countries.




With 3S Money’s International Business Account, Planeta can now meet the demands of its global operations while keeping transaction and infrastructure costs to a minimum.

As well as the ease of making payments to and from clients in GBP, EUR and PLN, Planeta has been able to benefit from favourable FX rates up to five times lower than traditional banks. All that means they can hold onto more of their profits – rather than using them to fund costly fees and FX markups.

With access to 65+ currencies and dedicated Client Manager, Marta Smirnova, on hand to provide 24/7 tailored support, Planeta can easily scale its financial infrastructure to provide effective transport and logistics for more businesses across the world.

"3S Money gave us the global financial reach that our old bank couldn’t and helped us keep our business on track. "
UAB Planeta Contracts