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Helping creative agency Talent solve today's brand challenges

Helping creative agency Talent solve today's brand challenges

Chasing online trends can be exhausting in a world where the line between digital and physical spaces can feel blurred.

Every business is looking for new and innovative ways to retain and acquire customers. However, striking a balance between sustainable growth and creating memorable moments is a challenge.

It was this problem that inspired Talent to form its creative advertising agency. Based in Dubai, they specialise in helping companies build emotional connections between their customers and their brand.

They provide a full suite of end-to-end services to support companies with digital advertising, marketing, content creation, and creative strategy.

Talent combines new media marketing with entertainment industry techniques to help brands unleash their potential. 

The challenge

Choosing Dubai as their base of operations was a geographical masterstroke, but they found it difficult to access the two levels of financial services they needed.

As a global agency, Talent has clients and suppliers around the world. This means they need to send and receive international payments quickly and securely. 

When looking for online business banking solutions, they couldn't find a provider to support them in the UAE. When researching their options, it became clear that challenger banks were either unlicensed in the UAE or stopped their services completely in the MENA region.

They needed a payment solution that could support payments to and from the UAE and across the world. When researching alternative banking options related to UAE, they discovered 3S Money.

""3S Money helped us open a business account in the UAE when we needed one most. We've found our perfect payments partner with incredible onboarding experience and exceptional support. ""
John Mark Fitzpatrick Founder and CEO

The outcome

Onboarded by our Business Developer, Joe Betros, Talent now has an International Business Account, with local EU IBANs and global account details. This solved their biggest challenge and meant they could pay suppliers across the globe from a single account. 

The super quick onboarding experience resulted in Talent cancelling their account applications with other providers.

Talent can now make high-value global business payments daily, supported by their Client Manager, Duncan Dickinson. 


When we asked Talent’s co-founder, John Mark, about his experience with 3S Money, he added: “Making international payments with 3S Money is simple, fast, and secure. Today alone, we’ve sent money to Singapore, South Africa, and Mexico.”. 

Knowing that our accounts help them deliver incredible experiences is why we do what we do.

With an International 3S Money International Business Account, Talent are able to support both their clients and their global growth ambitions. 

"I'm happy that we're able to provide impactful payment solutions for such an ambitious company. Working with John Mark and the team is a pleasure and I'm excited to see their relationship with 3S Money grow. "
Duncan Dickson Key Account Manager