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Helping SGR Consulting grow their European customer base in the UAE.

Helping SGR Consulting grow their European customer base in the UAE.

Dubai has become one of the most popular cities in the world to do business. Starting a company in a new market is complex, and even the most experienced entrepreneurs need support. 

That’s where SGR Consulting come in.

SGR Consulting provides 360 professional services for businesses in the UAE. They offer professional support in company formation, strategic management, customer strategy, marketing, and accounting.

Founded by a team of experienced industry professionals, SGR Consulting specialises in supporting foreign-owned businesses. Their customers are predominately European businesses looking to scale in the region, but they also support UAE clients.

As a business with Italian ownership, they have first-hand experience of the difficulties their clients face.

The challenge

SGR Consulting’s need for better banking solutions came a little closer to home.

Their European clients weren’t comfortable paying into local UAE banks from their domestic EUR accounts. This presented a problem for SGR, considering that nearly all their payments are made digitally from overseas.

Without a local account that provided a European IBAN, the company was missing out on potential clients and revenue.

"3S Money helped us fix one of our biggest problems. Our European clients weren’t happy paying UAE banks from their Euro accounts. With our European IBAN, we can accept payments like we would at home."
Roberto Manzi CEO

The outcome

Onboarded by our Business Developer, Daryl Laygo, SGR Consulting now has a local European IBAN in the UAE. This solved their most significant issue and means their clients can now pay directly from their domestic Euro accounts. 

SGR’s owner Roberto even paid a visit to our team in Dubai. He was so impressed with the location that he and his team decided to move into the same building!


Behind every great business is an individual with a dream. Knowing that our accounts help them deliver incredible experiences is why we do what we do. SGR owner Robert continued, " Choosing 3S Money for this service was easy. We both want to help businesses set up in new markets, and their IBANS can help us do that.”

With a 3S Money International Business Account, SGR Consulting can help even more businesses expand in the UAE.

"I’ve enjoyed working with SGR Consulting, as their ambition matches ours. The UAE is an exciting, yet challenging market and the support SGR provides for their clients is incredible. "
Ramon Moshi Key Account Manager