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Helping Pangaia scale their sustainable fashion brand internationally

Danish clothing brand Pangaia’s mission is to save the environment one item of clothing at a time. Its labels list everything from eucalyptus pulp and seaweed powder, to wildflowers and non-toxic dyes, each one designed to reduce its wearer’s ecological footprint on the planet.

The leading environmental fashion brand became a 3S Money customer in the summer of 2020. Since then it has used 3S’s infrastructure to support all of its business needs, including international payments, foreign exchange, direct debits, salaries, rent, loans from shareholders, and collection from Shopify Pay (Stripe) and PayPal (from their customers through their site), enabling it to expand its operations and move even closer to achieving its eco-mission

The challenge

Before joining 3S, Pangaia used a standard business account that undertook simple card payments. But once the company began to grow at speed, it became clear this wasn’t fit for purpose.

From late payments to suppliers due to business transactions being postponed, to being unable to collect payments from international investors, Pangaia’s payments processes were hampering its growth. Compounding this issue, its traditional bank account solution was restricted to sending and receiving funds to a limited number of countries across the globe.

All these factors proved to be significant roadblocks in the business's international scaling efforts, hampering its ability to carry out its eco-mission.

"I absolutely love 3S Money! It is the best bank account I've ever had."

The outcome

3S Money took a human approach to cutting-edge payments solutions. During the onboarding process, 3S gained a deep understanding of Pangaia as a business, in turn reducing the need to block payments coming into Pangaia’s account, as was often the case with its previous banking solutions. This human element, combined with rigorous fraud prevention processes ensures 3S monitors all payments efficiently, providing Pangaia with seamless international payments capabilities.

3S Money's technology and banking network brings Pangaia closer to their customers around the world by providing them with local IBANs linked to one Global Business Account. And in a world of chatbots and automation, 3S’s dedicated Personal Client Manager for Pangaia helps them strategically manage currency risks and handles all their international payment requirements.

Through 3S, Pangaia has a constant flow of incoming and outgoing payments to and from its customers and suppliers around the world, all paid in local currencies with local IBANs. This has enabled Pangaia to expand in the UK, US, Indian and European Union marketplaces. Pangaia is now a globally recognised brand on track to delivering its promise of saving the planet through ethically sourced clothing.

"Pangaia is a great client to work with. It's always a pleasure working with them and helping them expand into new markets."
Tetiana Terletska Head of Customer Relationship Management Department