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Building a financial infrastructure for eco-conscious property services

Since 2008, MT Ejendomsservice has been a leading provider of eco-conscious property services in Greater Copenhagen.

To give you an idea of their success, the company received the Børsen Gazelle award for sustained and significant growth in four consecutive financial years. It’s natural that successful businesses look to expand. 

In late 2022, the company established a dedicated construction department under new ownership. This new department now handles large construction projects across Europe. But, as with most business opportunities, it presented new challenges

"I’ve enjoyed working with a company as growing and expanding as MT Ejendomsservice. Their innovative construction approach has massive global implications, so being able to support them as they scale is a privilege."
Lawrence Mante Client Manager

The challenge

With their business expanding across Europe, MT Ejendomsservice found that cross-border payments would become an essential part of their operations. Setting up traditional financial infrastructure, such as local bank accounts in different locations, can be costly and could be a barrier to expansion.

What they needed was a platform that would enable them to make payments to clients in other destinations easily without prohibitive setup costs, high FX markups and delays. Fortunately, that’s what 3S Money was able to provide.


MT Ejendomsservice went through the simple application process for a 3S Money International Business Account. Onboarded by Viktoriaa Tabachna, they were quickly up and running with our straightforward, intuitive platform.

They can now send funds internationally to Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, and the UK in a range of currencies (including USD, GBP, EUR, PLN and TRY) from their 3S Money dashboard. 

This has enabled them to accommodate the operational demands of their global expansion while keeping costs to a minimum. 


As well as the ease of making payments to clients in different countries, MT Ejendomsservice has been able to access favourable FX rates up to five times lower than traditional banks.

Streamlining their global financial transactions has freed them up to focus on the success of their new construction projects across Europe.

With dedicated Client Manager Lawrence Mante on hand to provide 24/7 support and answer questions, MT Ejendomsservice will benefit from 3S Money’s personalised service as they continue to grow.

"We needed a platform that would support us as we expand across Europe. With 3S Money, it’s so easy to make payments to clients in multiple currencies. We love how personalised their approach is, too."
MT Ejendomsservice team