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Helping EVI bring more sustainable plastic recycling solutions to the world

Helping EVI bring more sustainable plastic recycling solutions to the world 

In a world where single-use plastics pose a growing threat to the environment, EVI was founded with a mission to create a sustainable end-to-end recycling solution.

Many consumers now aim to buy recycled plastic where they can. But they can only make this choice when businesses use recycled plastic to package their products. 

EVI transforms waste plastic into new products for businesses in the food and drink industry, all around the world. 

Their end-to-end plastic recycling solution starts with the consumer, and goes through waste collection, melting and pelletisation, until it’s processed into new products and sold back to consumers.

EVI’s products are solving global problems, and their operations are global, too. Their parent company is based in Switzerland, as is their team, including Finance Director, Marina Gehring, but the business itself is registered in Italy. 

With suppliers in Turkey and other hard-to-reach jurisdictions, EVI faced the same challenge as many of our clients: finding a business account that catered to their global operations.

"Being an EU company involved in cross-border trade, we were always looking to optimise our payment solutions. 3S Money is more cost-efficient than our ‘traditional’ bank options, and compared with other online platforms, we really appreciate having our dedicated account manager, Duncan Dickson."
Marina Gehring Finance Director

The challenge

Founded in 2018, EVI started to experience the limitations of traditional banking options. Banks in Italy often had lengthy onboarding processes and lacked the clear communication the EVI team needed.

Not only were high-street banks in Italy limited in terms of the markets they could reach, but there were payment limits when transacting with suppliers and customers in certain countries.

They needed a solution that provided access to remote markets without a lengthy and unrealistic onboarding process.

This is where we came in!

The outcome

3S Money’s International Business Account offers businesses the ability to send and receive payments in 65+ currencies and 190+ countries. It presented the ideal cross-border banking solution for EVI’s needs.

Despite their founder being based in Switzerland and the business being registered in Italy, EVI was onboarded by our Sales Executive, Phoebe Phi, quickly and efficiently – no time-consuming or bureaucratic processes here.   


With their 3S Money account, EVI can now send and receive payments from their suppliers and customers around the world, all from one online account. 

Plus, their dedicated Client Manager is on hand to offer tailored support as and when they need it.

"I love what EVI stand for, so supporting their international growth and building a close relationship with Marina and the team has been amazing."
Duncan Dickson Client Manager