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Founded in 2011, Elevision Media specialise in designing, building, and operating premium digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) networks. Based in Dubai, they utilize the urban environment to deliver location-relevant content to captive audiences across the United Arab Emirates.

Elevision Media also provide streamlined technological communication solutions for property management companies. Gone are the days of paper notices in apartment building elevators and lobbies – the future of community billboards has arrived.

Elevision combines new media marketing with traditional advertising techniques to help brands and business owners tower above the competition.

The challenge

After firmly establishing itself as the regional market leader, Elevision has set its sights on global expansion in 2023, starting with the UK and European markets respectively.
Despite its local reputation and proven track record, Elevision still faced a significant barrier when entering new markets – accessing local banking services. Their search for a banking provider that could support their cross-border payment needs, consolidate their global cash-flow, and provide tailored account management services was providing difficult. 

"The last thing you want to be hung on when embarking on a business expansion is banking. Too much bandwidth is wasted on finding the right financial solutions – energy which is better used elsewhere." Niall Sallam, Founder and CEO

The outcome

Elevision was first attracted to 3S Money by our ‘all-in-one’ international business banking solution. A centralised payments ‘hub’ that allowed them to operate financially in different jurisdictions without the need to open individual local accounts.

Onboarded by Senior Sales Executive, Laurence Parker, Elevision Media now has an International Business Account with 30+ local IBANs and global account details.


Niall and his team now have instant access to 65+ currencies and payment solutions in 190+ countries. This will provide them with the peace of mind they need to transact across borders with confidence.

Equipped with a 3S Money Standard International Business Account, Elevision Media is now fully prepared to bring its unique brand of digital advertising to cities across the world.

"It’s not often that we see the UAE SMEs breaking the MENA borders to expand their business abroad. We’re proud to see Elevision scaling in the UK and feel honoured to support them in their expansion journey"
Evangelos Kaldelis CEO MENA