22 November 2022

We’ve partnered with Crown Agents Bank!

We’ve partnered with Crown Agents Bank to offer 35+ new currencies to our clients for the first time, supporting their international growth.
We’ve partnered with Crown Agents Bank!

The partnership will allow our clients to make payments in 65+ currencies, now including hard-to-reach Brazilian Real, Ghanaian Cedi, and West African Franc, with access to 45 new local payment rails. This will help our client base scale faster into new markets, save time and increase revenue. The partnership will also allow 3S Money’s clients to enter the African market for the first time. 

We’ve chosen to work with Crown Agents Bank to offer these new currencies and payment rails because of their secure global infrastructure and coverage. With nearly 200 years of experience, Crown Agents Bank is a UK-regulated provider of wholesale foreign exchange (FX) and cross-border payment services, connected across hard-to-reach markets. 

Emerging markets are home to 85% of the global population, and nearly 90% of people are under 30

In 2022, payments to and from these markets are still challenging, expansive and unreliable. A McKinsey survey suggests that, with banks and non-bank players innovating to reduce friction in domestic and cross-border payments, Africa’s e-payments market is expected to reach about $40 billion by 2025, compared with about $200 billion in Latin America.

Aligned by our mission to promote global financial inclusivity, both 3S Money and Crown Agents Bank are dedicated to connecting emerging markets to the rest of the world, through FX and payments innovation. 

Our CEO, Ivan Zhiznevskiy, comments, “3S Money is a cross-border payments ecosystem for international businesses. Our purpose is to provide businesses with the guidance and financial services required to scale new markets and expand their footprint.”

“We believe that by eliminating passport discrimination in the financial services sector, the growth opportunities for global businesses will be limitless. Crown Agents Bank are the perfect partner to help us offer sustainable, affordable, and accessible FX and currency services in emerging markets that have a wealth of opportunity.”

Gary Willis, Relationship Banker at Crown Agents Bank said, “this partnership makes perfect sense in our mission to connect hard-to-reach markets to the global economy”. 

Our full list of new currencies

West African CFA franc - Benin
West African CFA franc - Burkina Faso
West African CFA franc - Côte d'Ivoire
West African CFA franc - Guinea Bissau
West African CFA franc - Mali
West African CFA franc - Niger
West African CFA franc - Senegal
West African CFA franc - Togo

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About Crown Agents 

Crown Agents Bank is a global wholesale bank, regulated in the UK, specialising in cross-border payments and FX for hard-to-reach markets. Through its unrivalled network, technology, and expertise it helps governments, institutions, and organisations access underserved geographies and move money where it’s needed. 

Unlike other providers, Crown Agents Banks’ specialism in hard-to-reach markets means it can move money in the most demanding situations, to the most demanding markets, for organisations that demand the most. Crown Agents Bank offers a single API for all cross-border payments across 100+ currencies and markets – covering 80% of global GDP - with more currency pairs than any other provider. Its extensive network of partners allows Crown Agents Bank to work to offer the most competitive prices and the fastest, most reliable settlement.

Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority, Crown Agents Bank is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register number: 204456).

Visit crownagentsbank.com for more information.

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