21 March 2023 4 minute read

Our new brand identity and the mission behind it

Since our founding in 2018, our mission has been to create a fairer financial world for business owners everywhere. Now in 2023, our mission remains the same, but our visual identity has been transformed.
Our new brand identity and the mission behind it

The fact is our old brand wasn’t fit for purpose, and it was time for a serious upgrade. If you look around our glossy new website, you’ll see sleek visuals that reflect our premium service and human approach to business banking. 

We’re putting people at the heart of our new look. So, we’ve ditched the illustrations in favour of real humans, and when we say real, we mean it. The faces you see on our website are the real people behind 3S Money. These are the people answering your phone calls and replying to your emails.

We’re humanising international business payments by taking customer service to the next level. 


So, why do we exist?

In 2018, our founders faced a problem. They had started a business in the Netherlands but, without Dutch passports, were shut out of the Dutch banking system. Frustrated with traditional business banking across the world, they decided to fix it. 

So, 3S Money was born. 

If you don’t have the “right” passport, your business will face barriers when trying to enter new markets, but we believe in entrepreneurship, not banking bureaucracy. 

Fast forward five years, we’ve helped countless businesses, big and small, make international payments, and this is just the beginning.   

Our old branding was outdated and simply didn't represent the clients we work with or the premium service we provide.

It didn’t reflect how brave and courageous our clients are. It takes courage to grow a business globally, and our team are the people who help these entrepreneurs get there. They’re innovative and are natural problem solvers who see challenges as opportunities. This is exactly what inspired our Design Lead, Amy Storey. 

When Amy pitched the rebrand to the business, this is what drove her strategy. She wanted to explore how we could enhance and modernise our brand, while keeping it unique in the B2B world.


Amy Storey

Design Lead

‘Our old branding was flat, and this really didn’t match the vibrant culture we have as a business. When we started this rebrand, the most important thing for me was representing the boldness of our team and clients, without losing what people loved about us most: our personal human touch.’

Same mission, new look.

The rebrand is not just about new colours or a new logo. It's about representing who we are and what we stand for in the best possible way. We want to reflect the values of our company and our mission. Our goal is to mirror the boldness, professionalism, and the commitment to excellence our team holds. 

So, our new brand is bold, modern, and professional, while also being approachable and easy to work with – just like our Client Managers. We wanted it to represent our commitment to innovation and aim to provide the best possible service to our clients.

The colour palette is classy, vibrant and dynamic, representing our passion and energy for what we do. It's a new look for a new era of international business payments.

Throughout the process, our CEO, Ivan Zhiznevsky, was heavily involved and invested in the rebrand. He is naturally creative, and loved working closely with Amy and the Design team to review each stage of exploration. 

‘We’ve changed our look, now it’s time to change the future of international business payments’ – Ivan Zhiznevsky

Meet the authors

Ivan Zhiznevsky


Ivan is a prominent UK Fintech industry leader and regular commentator on finance, business and innovation. In 2018, he co-founded 3S Money, a Fintech company helping corporate clients send, collect and exchange money in 190+ countries.

Matthew Ivo


Matthew Ivo is the Senior Content Manager with a strong background in crafting engaging finance-related articles. With extensive experience in the field, Matt’s writing brings clarity and valuable insights to complex financial topics, captivating readers with his expertise.


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