25 07 2022

Practical tips for doing business in the UK

Growing your business internationally takes courage. So, for those expanding into the UK market, we’ve written a guide on the do’s and don’ts of UK business etiquette, and some excellent resources to help you on your journey.
Practical tips for doing business in the UK

Back in 2018, 3S Money was founded in the heart of Shoreditch, London. Since then, we’ve opened 4 more global offices, and now offer our international payments services to businesses in 190+ countries.

With such a multi-cultural team and clients based all around the world, we’ve picked up a few simple, and practical tips that will help you do business in the UK.

Keep reading to find out the best way to welcome your British clients, and some amazing resources that can support your business growth in the UK.


  • Handshakes – when greeting a new potential client, go for a light, but firm handshake

  • Be polite – the British value politeness, some even saying they’re overly polite. Match this by making sure you say your ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’ and keeping a kind tone

  • Match the humour – everyone loves a bit of British humour, so don’t be afraid to slip in a casual joke where you can. Light sarcasm recommended 

  • Personal space – the British value their personal space so, going back to the simple handshake to start, otherwise make sure you respect their personal space

  • Refreshments – when welcoming a British client, make sure you’ve got refreshments like tea, coffee or water ready. And never forget the digestive biscuits! 

  • Small talk – we all know the British love a bit of weather chat, so be ready for some easy, and maybe boring small talk when you first meet someone


  • Lateness – in the UK, punctuality is key. People like to keep organised, and hate lateness. So, if you’re travelling in person make sure you’ve got your journey planned, or for digital meetings make sure you’re on time 

  • Bluntness – avoid ordering people around, and try to keep a calm and polite tone when asking for tasks to be done. No one likes to be told what to do in a blunt manner

  • Don’t be too formal over email – when greeting over email, avoid using ‘Miss’ or ‘Sir, and go for a simple ‘Hi *first name*’ instead. Finish off with a ‘many thanks’ or ‘kind regards’

  • Could this have been an email? – avoid unnecessary meetings if something could’ve been put in an email. When you do book meetings, bear in mind politeness but be straightforward with the point of the meeting. No one likes to waste time



Getting started – Companies House
The first step to starting business in the UK is using Companies House to check that your company name is available for incorporation. All of your business paperwork relating to incorporation, country of registration and company details will be stored here.

‘Business growth and destination agency’ – London & Partners
We recently partnered up with London & Partners to connect to startups looking to grow in the London market. They can help your business with strategy, creative partnerships, and attracting visitors and events.

Legal services – LS Legal Services
Solicitors firm offering legal advice to UK and non-UK-based residents. They can help you with immigration services and business advice. They’re experts in immigration and nationality law in the UK.

Startup Advice – Startups.co.uk
Looking for a community of other startups to share and discuss advice? There’s more than 50,000 members on Startups.co.uk and you can find advice on almost everything you’ll need!


We’re proud to offer local UK IBANs to businesses across 190+ countries. If you’re after one account to transfer and receive payments in 40+ currencies, check your eligibility here to find out more.


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