26 05 2022

Meet our new CEO MENA, Evangelos Kaldelis!

We recently announced the exciting appointment of our brand-new CEO MENA, Evangelos Kaldelis, and today we’re sharing a little more about him. Evan brings over 12 years’ senior level experience in banking, and we’re incredibly lucky to have him as part of the team!
Meet our new CEO MENA, Evangelos Kaldelis!

A seasoned banking executive, Evan will be responsible for accelerating our commercial banking services in the MENA region. His mission is to revolutionise commercial banking services in MENA, embedding 3S Money in every step of the rapidly growing business market.

Regions in MENA, including Dubai, are becoming central hubs for traders due to a rise in international investment. People and businesses in the region are open to innovation and actively want to try Fintech solutions. In fact, 50% of the money distributed from venture capitals (VCs) in 2020 in MENA went to Fintechs (SHIFT_Landscape). 

However, local, traditional banks are still struggling to support fast and efficient foreign currency international payments that are vital for cross-border economy. The region needs a better business banking solution, and Evan is perfectly positioned to ensure that we are at the heart of this revolution.

Throughout his career, Evan has focused on building global, high-performance private banking teams, as well as being a key advisor to start-up organisations looking to accelerate growth. Before joining us, Evan spent five years working at Standard Charter Private Bank in Dubai, serving many roles including Head of Client Services and Transactions. He also spent seven years at JP Morgan in Geneva, as Emerging Markets COO amongst other roles, and in 2021 acted as a trusted private advisor to start-ups.

Our CEO, Ivan, says, “Evan brings a wealth of experience in excelling customer offerings in private banking and successfully growing organisations in emerging markets. This is exactly the knowledge we need to revolutionise banking services, especially cross-border payments, in MENA.” 

“As we expand our global footprint, it is vital that we have the right leadership in place on the ground to support our vision to help more businesses expand internationally and bank like locals across the UK, EU, US, MENA and beyond. Evan will be fundamental in changing the way cross-border payments and banking services are perceived for SMEs and customers in MENA.”

Evan adds that “having worked in this area for many years, I’m passionate about the incredible opportunity and benefits that banking and payment services can bring to MENA organisations. And 3S Money is excelling in this area. We are dedicated to providing seamless and quick banking services and cross-border payment solutions to support international business growth, especially in the wake of today’s economic recovery. I am thrilled to be part of a company with such drive, passion and enthusiasm.”

Welcome to the star team, Evan!

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