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How to make your ecommerce merchant account work for you

Step into the dynamic world of ecommerce, where opportunities abound and competition is fierce. Discover the key to seamless payment experiences and gain a competitive edge with the perfect ecommerce merchant account.
How to make your ecommerce merchant account work for you

The ecommerce landscape is constantly shifting and evolving, with new opportunities only ever a click away. It's never been easier to sell online, but the competition is professionally fierce, and customers are incredibly hard to please. That's why it's never been more critical to ensure that you provide painless payment experiences.  
How can you do this? Opening an ecommerce merchant business account is a great place to start. In this article, we'll uncover how the right ecommerce merchant account will help your business take on the real (or digital) world. 

Why you need an e-commerce business account?

When operating as an online e-commerce business, banking services specialising in online payments are an absolute must. Here are the ultimate benefits that every marketplace entrepreneur will experience using an ecommerce merchant account: 


The standards set by market leaders, such as Amazon, mean that consumers (rightly so) expect the best user experience – especially when paying. The best ecommerce merchant accounts offer powerful checkout options that remove any transactional pain points and keep buyers coming back. This could be as simple as accepting more payment methods or as advanced as AI shopping carts. 


Securing is king when buying and selling online. Customers need to feel confident that their details are secure and that their money is protected. While it's vital to consider your customer's safety, ecommerce business owners must also shield themselves from potential fraud.  


Internet trends come and go quicker than ever; a viral video is already old when you've seen it. While ecommerce practices have a little more longevity, online business owners must act fast to pounce on new opportunities. 
Choosing an ecommerce payment provider that can grow with your business and provide global market-leading solutions is essential. With 3S Money, you can open new local IBAN accounts whenever needed, instantly connect to hundreds of marketplaces, and trigger same-day batch payouts in 65+ currencies. 

Ease of use 

The better your financial management process is, the more time you spend on what you do best – running your business. However, that's easier said than done. Traditional banks are brilliant at what they do, and while they don't mean to make things difficult, it's hard to change the status quo.  
Fear not! Neo-banks and electronic money institutions (EMIs) have got you covered. Everything they do is geared towards simplifying payments, whether it be 100% online accounts, 24/7 customer support, or same-day transfers. It may not appear obvious, but the people who benefit most from this aren't the business owner: it's the customer


Efficient use of time can be transformative for any company. Traditional banks are slow, resistant to change, and offer limited services. Speed is everything in ecommerce - anything other than light-speed financial management just won't cut it. 
A 3S Money Ecommerce Merchant Account has been built by and for online business owners. Through our easy-to-use client portal, you have a complete overview of every collection you make and can pay out instantly to 190+ countries and 65+ currencies - 5x faster than with a bank.  

What are high-risk merchant accounts?

While researching ecommerce business bank account options, you may have encountered the term: high-risk merchant accounts. These are accounts (a fancy name for businesses) or businesses that card, payment, or banks consider more vulnerable to fraud or chargebacks. 
A high-risk merchant business account is also considered when a company operates within an industry or region perceived as high-risk. The definition of this will differ between service providers and lenders. 
You can complete our free eligibility checker and receive pre-approval in a few minutes. It's really that simple.   

What types of ecommerce businesses are considered high-risk? 

As mentioned above, the exact definition is different for every provider. However, there are four general determining factors:  

1. High monthly processing volumes. 

2. Hosting your payment gateway. 

3. Trading in a 'high-risk' industry, e.g., adult entertainment, e-cigarettes, or gambling. 

4. Operating in 'high-risk' regions, e.g., Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. 

Where does 3S Money stand on high-risk merchant business accounts?  

While many businesses within these industries and regions are 100% legitimate, the financial world is how it is. This unfair labelling (some might say discrimination) can result in honest entrepreneurs being locked out of traditional banking systems. 

3S Money is for everyone, everywhere. We accept directors and shareholders from 190+ countries and territories & work with businesses that traditional banks may ignore. Our human-based approach to risk and compliance means we can treat every account with the fairness and respect it deserves. 

How to choose the best ecommerce business bank account

You can't cut corners when choosing the correct ecommerce merchant account. Whether it be cost, speed, acceptance, or just looking to leave your bank – you must determine what's right for your business

Here are five reasons why a 3S Money Ecommerce Merchant Account is the perfect choice for you:  

1. Streamlined payment processes 

Manage all local and international business accounts and entities in one easy-to-use online platform. Using our client portal, you can pay, transfer, and exchange funds wherever and whenever needed. There's no limit to how much money you can move, and you can grant account access to up to 10 users. 

2. Human customer support 

We don't employ robots. Every 3S Money client is assigned a dedicated Client Manager – international payments and FX experts – who can help you with anything you need. They spot money-saving opportunities, routes into new markets, and help you pay and get paid quickly.  

3. Global marketplace access 

With local IBANs and US account details, you can trade on domestic marketplaces and connect to payment gateways worldwide. You can also link your 3S Money account to Klarna, Stripe, and Amazon Pay to boost your collection capabilities.  

4. Collect and pay funds internationally 

Unlike traditional banks, we understand what a modern, online business needs to succeed internationally. As standard, we provide payment solutions in 190+ countries so you can instantly pay your suppliers wherever they do business. With access to 65+ currencies, you can collect local currency payments (without) fees and benefit from a 5x cheaper exchange rate if you need to convert. 

5. Acceptance 

We're international payment experts with local expertise, providing services to shareholders and directors in 190+ countries - with no residency requirements. With over $5bn processed transfers, we're now the payment provider of choice for thousands of ambitious business owners globally.

Experience better merchant business banking

As you can tell, we do things a little differently from traditional financial institutions. We believe in flexibility, fairness, and financial freedom for every business. Choosing a 3S Money Ecommerce Merchant Account will future proof your business and set you up for sustainable success in every market. So, what are you waiting for? 
Get started today by completing our free eligibility checker and receive pre-approval in under five minutes. We aim to have your account ready within five working days if approved. Trust us – it's that simple. 
If you have any questions about 3S Money, our services, or just want to chat with our team – we'd love to hear from you. Head over to our Contact Us page for details of your local office, or drop us a message, and we'll be in touch ASAP. 

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