17 February 2023

Financial wellbeing: building a healthier money mindset

Transform your business by building a healthier banking mindset. This guide will show you how to make positive changes in your financial life.
Financial Wellness: Build a Healthier Business Banking Mindset

Over the last decade, wellness has become a cultural phenomenon. From every angle, we’re encouraged to focus on our mental, physical, spiritual, and financial goals as humans.

Businesses share many human characteristics. Given the right environment and resources, they can grow and thrive. With less healthy habits, they can weaken and falter. The principles of wellness can encourage robust and resilient financial health for your company.

Most alternative banking solutions focus on curing technical pain points – and that’s true for us at 3S Money. But we also believe that the relationship between business and owner goes deeper than that. Behind every business is a real person with an important story.

With the impending threat of a global recession, it’s more important than ever to reimagine the meaning of financial well-being. Understanding what it is and how it works can have a substantial personal and professional impact.

What is financial wellbeing in business?

In the simplest terms, financial wellness is about having a healthy relationship with money. Maintaining sound economic practices should come naturally for every business. However, problems can hide in plain sight. 

Most conversations around financial wellness focus on the economic function of money yet ignore the realities of money management. One example is how managing multiple banking providers can lead to unnecessary stress. 

Reliance on costly, inefficient, and unscalable services leaves many business owners believing that change isn’t possible. It’s time for alternative banking providers to prove that their cost-efficient and streamlined services are helping businesses scale and grow. 

Fragmentation is frustrating

At 3S Money, we believe that payment security is a fundamental right every business owner deserves.

It's hard to imagine how such a thing is possible in a world where business banking is so fragmented. Managing international payments can feel like a full-time job for many businesses owners. Holding multiple business accounts with different providers and using numerous platforms is unnecessary in the age of re-bundling.

When was the last time you correctly remembered a password? Exactly.

That’s why 3S Money has gone one step further. Instead of simply offering another basic multi-currency account – we’ve created a cross-border payments ecosystem. Our clients can manage 30+ local IBANs and send and receive payments in 190+ countries in 65+ currencies.

With complete oversight of every incoming and outgoing payment, business owners can save time, money, and resources. Our International Business Accounts make borderless banking a reality with remote access for multiple users wherever your team is based. 

Use better money management tools

While the economic and technological environment may have changed, business banking principles have remained the same for centuries.

Banks draw their strength from stability and maintaining the status quo, arguing that if something’s not broken, why fix it? However, business owners across the globe are beginning to realise that traditional banking no longer works for them

Put simply, the purpose of a business account is to deposit and store funds. That’s it. The payment experience is always an afterthought, despite processing billions of daily transactions.

It's surprising to think that a business account used by Victorian entrepreneurs would look very similar to one issued today. So, why has so little changed in almost 200 years? Your guess is as good as ours. 

Business owners know that relying on outdated financial support systems is unsustainable in the modern world. We hear from the clients that the traditional banking system leaves them feeling frustrated and underappreciated. 

We believe we can achieve a new balance by combining the service levels of premium banks with innovative Fintech solutions. True financial fairness is achievable – all we need to do is make it happen. 

Innovative ways to save on foreign exchange

As individuals, it can be tough to break bad habits. While every business owner is looking to save money, taking opportunities can be easier said than done.

Foreign exchange providers know that businesses will pay for substandard services, whatever the cost. This can leave SMEs feeling backed into a corner with no option but to absorb the extra costs. The fear of constantly being on the back foot means businesses are reluctant to explore new markets. 

The question that occurs to us is: why should banks decide when and where a business can scale? 

With an International Business Account, you process high-value cross-border payments in seconds. Whenever and wherever in the world you want to send and receive money, 3S Money can help you.

Is financial stress unavoidable?

Another step to achieving financial security is removing anxiety. We understand how stressful running a growing business can be. There’s little room for error, and every decision has a lasting impact on your mental health.

However, few things cause as much stress as making high-value, international payments. 

Despite transactions being more straightforward than ever, there’s still a sense of the unknown surrounding digital payments. Unlike cash, which is visible and tactile, the successful transfer of electronic funds relies on invisible networks and cloud services. 

At 3S Money, we believe our clients should have a human connection to their bank that goes beyond helplines and chatbots. That’s why every account benefits from a dedicated Client Manager.

As a team of international payments specialists, our Client Managers provide bespoke support for every 3S Money account holder. Their services can include helping with payment processing, guaranteeing sustainable FX rates, and spotting opportunities for growth. And perhaps most importantly, our Client Managers offer peace of mind and reduce anxiety when business owners need it most. 

Conversations about money can be difficult, but building trust with your payment provider is even more challenging. At 3S Money, always putting the customer first is vital in rebuilding confidence in business banking.

We speak your language

In an ideal world, everyone should have access to efficient banking services. However, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Traditional banks are highly risk-averse to new businesses and foreign business owners.

Discrimination is called out in other industries, yet it appears alive and well within business banking. 3S Money's mission is to challenge this problem – not just with words, but with actions. 

At 3S Money, we accept shareholders and directors from 190+ countries. Wherever you do business, we can support your international payment needs. When we have the broadest network coverage of any payment provider - practise what we preach.

When we welcome new clients to 3S Money, we insist on building meaningful and personal relationships with them. This doesn’t simply mean remembering someone’s name – it goes deeper than that.

Don’t just take our word for it. Discover how 3S Money inspires entrepreneurs, startups, and industry leaders around the globe.

Your customer’s experience is your experience

In our personal and professional lives, we’re always searching for the right balance between what we want and need.

Take, for example, the relationship between a business and its customers. What a customer wants from a company may differ from what they need. In turn, a business may put innovation and self-interest above the practical needs of its customers.

At 3S Money, our client’s experience is our experience. We’ve lived through many of the same problems and understand our responsibility.

That’s why we aim to deliver exceptional payment experiences above all else.

Anyone who’s ever made an online purchase will have experienced payment failure. In this situation, who does the customer blame? It’s never the bank or the payment gateway provider - it’s always the business.

If a business has a reputation for poor payment etiquette, it’s hard to shake off. Not only can this impact the commercial side of operations, but passionate business owners are often left picking up the pieces.

Traditional banks show little regard for a business’s customers and clients. Instead, they continue to command premium fees in return for providing substandard support services. 

Sadly, we don’t see the financial situation improving anytime soon. Working with a payment provider that guarantees transactional peace of mind is the first step towards a healthier financial future. 

Safety guaranteed

At 3S Money, we understand how scary it can be to open your business up to the world. Even the best-laid plans can fall through due to the apprehension of making high-value international payments.

Well, fear no more. With the support of alternative banking providers, businesses can scale faster, powered by innovative payment solutions. Not only are services more accessible, but they’re also safer than ever.

At 3S Money, we act transparently and put our clients at the heart of everything we do. We’re regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Luxembourg.

When opening a 3S Money account, we commit to sending, receiving, and exchanging every payment with the respect it deserves.

3S Money is a partner for growth, not only payments

The unhealthy relationship many entrepreneurs have with their financial service providers can be detrimental to their success. Dreaming about delivering new products or scaling into new markets is complicated when making international payments can cause anxiety and frustration.

With thousands of banking service providers in the market, businesses are overwhelmed by choice. In addition, people can be reluctant to switch to an alternative provider for fear of disrupting their operations further.

Embrace alternative finance to unlock your potential

Neobanks, alternative banks, challenger banks – you've probably seen a few terms used to describe these versatile newcomers. The truth is, no matter what you call them, Fintechs continue to disrupt the banking landscape.

But is alternative banking the right option for your business? Well, there’s never been a better time to find out. 

Every business has individual payment needs and growth priorities, and we understand that. However, it’s easier to prepare for the future now than find yourself scrambling to catch up.

A future without cash once seemed impossible, but we can now pay with our fingerprints. Whatever the future holds for finance, we can guarantee that your traditional bank won’t be leading from the front.

It's time to free your business from banking bureaucracy and enter the 3S Money ecosystem.

Open an International Business Account with 3S Money

As we’ve discussed, choosing the right service provider is never easy. An excellent international payment partner will prioritise speed, security, and customer service. Fintech businesses and challenger banks have created a fairer, more transparent payments landscape, but we must do more. 

At 3S Money, we take things to the next level. We offer advanced business account solutions that go beyond traditional banking.

Local EU IBANs, UK sort codes and US account details

With 3S Money, businesses enjoy the benefits of a local bank account without the hassle. This means faster payments, reduced fees, and instant access to domestic markets.

Send and receive high-value payments in 190+ countries

Wherever a business operates, 3S Money makes international payments possible. With the broadest global coverage of any provider, we bring global markets to our clients.

5x cheaper FX rates than traditional banks

We can send, receive, and exchange payments in 65+ currencies. Businesses can easily accept customer and supplier payments in local currencies without expensive fees. 

Human client support

Each 3S Money account comes with a dedicated Client Manager. This means no more call queues, chatbots or automated replies. We provide tailored payment support and local expertise across five international offices.

What are you waiting for?

We pride ourselves on providing a simple service without the jargon. Our international payment solutions are faster, safer, and more innovative that any high-street bank. We provide both small and large companies, wherever in the world they're based, the opportunity to make hassle-free payments in 65+ currencies and 190+ countries.

If you have any questions regarding our International Business Account or how 3S Money could help your business, our team is always here to help.

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