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Celebrating International Women's Day at 3S Money

To celebrate International Women's Day 2023, we have taken a moment to recognise the contributions of the leading ladies of 3S Money.
Celebrating International Women's Day

At 3S Money, we are proud to have a diverse team of women who play a crucial role in our success. We spoke to women across our Compliance, People, IT, Talent, Marketing and Sales teams to discuss how they are paving the way for women in Fintech.

They shared their experiences, insights, and advice on how they navigate the world of Fintech. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of these exceptional women and highlight the importance of gender diversity in the industry!


Coralie Billman

COO Europe & Board Member

What inspired you to pursue a career in fintech, and how did you get started in the industry?

“My passion for capital markets drove me to pursue a career in the financial sector in general. After several years in banking, I had the chance to discover the Fintech industry in 2013 when ecommerce was still in the early stages. The digital sector attracted me immediately as it combined the capital market spirit and the innovative technology ecosystem.

I had the chance to see and contribute to the growth of ecommerce in Europe. What attracted me as well was the fact that the Fintech industry addressed a global market for everyone, removing the social and cultural barriers faced in traditional banking. It moves fast, and competition is fierce, but the rewards are limitless!”


Alya Dikouchine

Head of People & Culture

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing women in fintech, and how have you overcome them in your career?

“The biggest thing that Fintech needs is champions for women. When you have a real champion or mentor, your creativity has no bounds. The world can feel like your playground - and it bloody should!”


Priya Santhosh

Human Resources Operations Manager

How do you balance the demands of your work as a HR Operations Manager with other aspects of your life?

“I make a to-do list and prioritise the tasks on it. There are days when I am not able to complete all tasks on the same day, but this allows me to spend more time checking the details required for the task. Saving time on my commute to and from work is really helpful now that I work with work from home one day per week.

On weekends, I try to disconnect from work and social media. I enjoy my "me" time. I like to read (I’m currently reading, It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover) and watch Netflix shows. My favourite show is Good Doctor!”


Mashal Sultan

Global Head of Financial Crime Operations

What advice would you give to women who are just starting their careers in Fintech, especially those who may feel intimidated by a traditionally male-dominated environment?

“Consider your feminine qualities as strengths and not weaknesses. When I started my career, I had the misconception that being emotional, nurturing and showing empathy were weaknesses that didn’t have a place in the corporate world. However, as I am now growing into my role as a female leader, I see that those qualities actually make me more relatable, approachable and in the end, just human. So, embrace all your strengths, feminine and masculine, because they make you who you are and showcase you at your best.”


Marissa Mahmoud

UAE Regional Marketing Manager

How do you stay current with the latest marketing trends and developments in fintech, and what resources do you rely on?

“I’ve created a strong network on LinkedIn full of Industry experts, including other females in fintech who are paving the wave in the industry. I find inspiration from understanding their own perspectives and experiences. Having that digital presence means I can l learn from others and contribute to the conversation.

There is also so much insightful content out there nowadays that talks about developments in fintech. I subscribe to some fintech-focused magazines and take an hour each week to review new data and use it to make better marketing decisions.”


Yana Rozenberg

VP, Head of Data

How have you navigated challenging situations as Head of Data and throughout your career, such as tight deadlines or other obstacles?

“When faced with an obstacle, I remember that my core value is people relationships. I spend a lot of time building relationships with the people around me, because with a good team any obstacle becomes a stepping stone.”


Desiree Kouakou

UK Head of Compliance & Money Laundering Reporting Officer

What do you think are the most exciting opportunities for women in compliance today, and how can they take advantage of them?

“The most exciting thing for women looking to get into compliance is that the opportunities are limitless. The strongholds or blockers we’ve seen before are being broken down.

Women should know they can do whatever they want. We have different ways of looking at things and, having sat on boards and being an expert in compliance and legal, I know that my unique approach will get me to places that men may not be able to.”


Tetiana Terletska

VP Head of Global Client Management

What message would you like to share with other women who are considering a career in Sales or Client Management?

“Everything starts with a woman. Life starts with a woman. The greatest love of all starts with her. Think of your mother, do they always get rewarded? How often do we tell them ‘thank you’, or share positive news with them? I believe, this experience can be applied to a role in Client Management.

Client relationship management is all about, patience, and willingness to go above and beyond. In order to be successful, prepare to be there for all of your client's needs. Once we prove ourselves this way, you’ll receive the love and appreciation back, and there’s no better feeling!"

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