20 January 2021

Why do we offer local IBANs?

Sending and receiving payments in other countries can be an extremely time-consuming and expensive process, marred by exorbitant exchange rates and transactional fees and constant delays and blockages. Moreover, a lot of banks are simply unwilling to deal with small and medium-sized international businesses. The solution is to set up a local account in order to receive payments locally and pay out in the local currency. However, that is not always a solution for non-residents as banks are typically averse to the risks of opening bank accounts for foreign nationals. This is where 3S Money is on hand to help.
Business account with local IBAN


With a 3S Money local IBAN, it is easy for companies to execute all of their international trading needs. Businesses are able to get all benefits that they would have from opening an account in a local bank in the country they wish to trade, without having to go through that hassle. Furthermore, our dedicated personal managers have expert knowledge of cross-border trade and are always on hand to oversee transactions and ensure that delays are kept to an absolute minimum. 

3S Money is an effective solution for: 

●    Non-residents, who start business in a foreign country and are in need of a local IBAN
●    Entrepreneurs, who start selling their products or services in the UK/NL/LU/DE/DK and need to receive high-value payments from their clients locally without blockages and delays; 

Instead of going through the expensive and arduous process of trying to open up a local account with the high-street bank, international businesses can get a local IBAN with 3S Money in a time and cost efficient manner: a 3S Money local IBAN provides access to foreign markets that will only serve to help businesses, smoothing out payments and thereby improving the relationships with their customers, suppliers and other counterparties. 

Our local IBANs enable businesses to receive payments in over 30+ currencies (including all major currencies) and pay out at highly competitive exchange rates. Setting up an account with 3S Money is a swift and efficient process, and we pride ourselves on our onboarding procedure – taking a human approach to really understanding your business. 

Our unique smart compliance process has been designed to take a human approach to understanding businesses, making it fast yet high-quality and effective. Opening a 3S Money account with a local IBAN takes up to 5 days – we offer free online consultation for international businesses with annual turnover of €500,000 or higher:

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