Switzerland: Global Payments Guide

Switzerland: Global Payments Guide
Supported currencies receiving from Switzerland: Global Payments Guide
Supported currencies sending to Switzerland: Global Payments Guide
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Introduction to payments in Switzerland

What payment networks are supported in Switzerland?

What payment methods are available for sending money to Switzerland?

Key factors to consider when sending money to Switzerland

How to send money to Switzerland with 3S Money

Send money to Switzerland securely and efficiently with 3S Money

Our comprehensive guide provides you with all the necessary information about the payments landscape in Switzerland.


Introduction to payments in Switzerland

Switzerland has been the beating heart of Europe’s financial sector for years. With flawless client confidentiality, unique banking privacy laws and resilience dating back centuries, it’s no surprise that the country’s financial industry continues to thrive. If you’re a burgeoning business owner looking to expand to Switzerland, you’ll need access to a business account that helps you send money to Switzerland with zero fuss, low fees and a high level of reliability. 3S Money’s International Business Account delivers on that, and then some.


What payment networks are supported in Switzerland? 


There are three core payment networks that are supported in Switzerland, and these are:
  • SEPA
  • SIC 
Each of these networks has its own characteristics and (other than SIC) is regularly used in other European countries. Below, we’ve outlined the nuts and bolts behind these payment networks to give you a clearer understanding of your options.



Standing for ‘Single Euro Payments Area’, SEPA provides freedom of movement of money across the European continent. European businesses, including those in Switzerland, rely on SEPA for its simple process, quick payment times and high levels of security. If your bank uses the SEPA network, the majority of payments will be processed instantly. SEPA also means that transfers in Euros to other SEPA members are identical to transfers to domestic accounts within Switzerland.
While Switzerland is not part of the European Union, it is still part of the SEPA network, similar to the UK, Iceland and Norway. With that in mind, SEPA is a viable payment network if you’re looking to send money from the UK to Switzerland. 



Swiss Interbank Clearing (SIC for short) is woven into the fabric of the country’s financial sector. Launched on the 10th of June 1987, the network helps facilitate secure and efficient transfers between the banking institutions in Switzerland, as well as other financial market participants. The most common function of SIC is processing interbank transfers, settlements and payments in the Swiss currency, but the network is also used for retail payments, including card payments and direct debits. It's worth noting that 3S Money doesn't SIC for CHF payments.



SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications and is a widely used payment system across the globe. SWIFT is technically a messaging network that allows financial institutions to share information with one another. Unlike   SEPA, SWIFT transfers can take up to four working days to reach the recipient.

The SWIFT network gives companies the opportunity to receive and send payments internationally –  even if the two businesses are using different banking institutions. There’s no doubt that SWIFT is the most popular payment network for those looking to send money from the UK to Switzerland. 3S Money uses SWIFT for CHF payments.


What payment methods are available for sending money to Switzerland?


There are various methods available when sending money to Switzerland - all of which have pros and cons to consider. 


Bank transfers

Traditional bank transfers are highly popular for those looking to send money to Switzerland. However, this method comes with its downsides. Banks regularly charge senders a processing fee (between £20 to £40), while some may add on a percentage charge of the total amount you’re transferring (up to 4% in some cases). 


Online money transfers

With the rise of fintechs and electronic money institutions (EMIs) like 3S Money, online money transfers are becoming a popular alternative for businesses wishing to send money to Switzerland.  3S Money, for example, provides users with much lower fees, a straightforward process and speedy transfer times. 



ePayments allow businesses to transfer money without the need for credit or debit card details. There are various companies that offer this service, including PayPal, PostFinance and E-Finance. While these payment service providers are usually free, they don’t come with the high level of security associated with other methods - mainly because ePayments are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). 3S Money offers secure international payments and is FCA, DFSA and CSSF-regulated.


Mobile payments

Mobile payments are another way to send money to Switzerland. Platforms such as Apple Pay and Google Pay are known examples. The TWINT payment system is quickly gathering popularity in the retail space too, thanks to its zero-fuss simplicity. 


Key factors to consider when sending money to Switzerland


Ultimately, the best ways to send money to Switzerland will depend entirely on your business’s priorities. While transferring to the country is often a straightforward process, there are a number of important factors you should always consider before initiating payments. 


Exchange rate fluctuations

As with any international payment, exchange rate fluctuations can have an impact on your transaction. These fluctuations can vary –  sometimes up to 10% each year – which can negatively impact your business' bottom line if not considered. Thankfully, 3S Money has its own FX desk that provides clients with bank-beating rates.


Transfer fees

Traditional banks and other payment providers can regularly add fees - sometimes up to $30 on international transfers. 3S Money charges a flat fee of only $1 (or your local equivalent) per transfer, no matter the total amount. 


Transfer speed 

While some transfers to Switzerland are instantaneous, others can take a little more time – which isn’t always great for business. When you want to make faster payments, be sure to double-check the transfer times the provider offers before hitting send. Most EMIs, including 3S Money, can deliver funds to Switzerland instantly, while those using the SWIFT network can take up to four days.


How to send money to Switzerland with 3S Money


If you’re looking to send money from the UK to Switzerland without the hassle, 3S Money is the choice for you. Here are some of the key benefits:
  • Get local IBAN details to expand your business globally with ease
  • Leave the bureaucracy of traditional banking behind
  • Benefit from ultra-fast transfer speeds
  • Receive support from a dedicated client manager
  • Transact in 65+ currencies and access over 190 countries
  • Enjoy zero transaction limits
  • Bank-beating FX rates


Sending money step-by-step:

When it comes to making international transfers, 3S Money couldn’t be simpler to use. Here’s how to send money to Switzerland with 3S Money:
  1. Check your eligibility and open a 3S Money International Business Account.
    As opposed to traditional banks, 3S Money has ditched bureaucracy and streamlined its application process. The result? Time back in your pocket while maintaining the highest level of security. Get started today
  2. Input the recipient’s transfer details.
    Once signed up, simply enter the recipient’s name and account details, before choosing the correct currency and country.
  3. Send your money
    After double-checking the details, click send and wait for the alert confirming your transfer has been successfully processed. This usually takes around two hours. 

Send money to Switzerland securely and efficiently with 3S Money


Money transfers to Switzerland shouldn’t be complicated - and with a 3S Money account, they never are. Our sign-up process has been designed to be as uncomplicated as possible. Get started and open your account today.

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