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How do I manage the beneficiaries I pay?

Before you can make any payments through your Global Business Account, you'll need to set up a beneficiary who will receive the money. (A beneficiary is also known as a recipient, which is how we refer to them in our client portal.) A beneficiary can be either a person or an entity.
To add a beneficiary, you'll need to have their name, address and bank details available. You'll then need to do the following:
Step 1
Visit the Recipients tab in the Client Portal.
Step 2
Select 'Add Recipient'.
Step 3
Select the currency account you'd like from the 'account' drop-down menu.
Step 4
Add the recipient's details (making sure the bank country is correct).
Step 5
Add receiver details. All correct? Click 'add'.
Congratulations - you've set up your first beneficiary! Please note that you can also amend or delete beneficiary details within the same tab.
Need any help using your Global Business Account? Please contact your Personal Client Manager.