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What foreign currencies can 3S Money support?

At 3S Money, we want to debunk some myths of the international money transfer process.

That making global payments through a foreign currency account can be a minefield. That it’s arduous to exchange into foreign currencies. That opening an international bank account is unnecessarily difficult.

Our International Business Account looks to take the stress out of the experience by providing local IBANs that place our corporate clients closer to their customers than ever before.

An intuitive interface, combined with a Personal Client Manager on hand to answer any queries, enables the sending and receiving of high-value international payments at a moment’s notice. 
By now, you might have guessed that we do all we can at 3S Money to take the stress out of the banking experience – and that extends to the number of foreign currencies we support.

With a choice of over 65+ different currencies available for our corporate clients to use, global businesses now have the flexibility to pay how they like, when they like.

What foreign currencies can I use with my 3S Money International Business Account?

Through our foreign currency account, you have access to 65+ foreign currencies including GBP, EUR, USD, RUB, DKK, SEK, AED, NOK and HKD. 

How do I exchange between different currencies?

Our clients can convert to a foreign currency or send money overseas through a 3S Money International Business Account.

Once logged in, an accounts page displays the different IBANs they’ve opened, alongside a currency exchange menu.

This menu allows them to specify the amount they’d like to exchange from the original account, or the final figure they’d like to receive in the new currency.
Let’s say you want to convert Euros into US Dollars. Having selected the IBAN whose funds you’d like to convert, you’ll visit an exchange window on the right-hand side of the Accounts page.

Step 1


Enter the amount you’d like to convert – in this case, €5000.

Please note you also have the option to specify the final amount of currency you’d like to end up with by selecting ‘Amount (To)’. Ready to proceed? Click ‘Submit’.


Step 2


Once you’ve submitted your exchange request, you’ll receive confirmation details, including an exchange rate and final exchange figure.

As we use real-time FX, you have one minute to confirm that you’re happy to proceed with the exchange. If everything is good to go, click ‘submit FX request’.

Step 3


Sorted! You’ll receive a completion message once everything is finalised. 


Step 4


The converted currency will appear in the account you initially specified. Which conveniently brings us to the next question…


How long does it take to receive the currency I’ve bought?


At 3S Money, there’s no waiting for your currency to arrive; your International Business Account converts foreign currencies as soon as you click send.

Compare and contrast this to your traditional bank experience. There’s no calls and quotes, no rates via email, no four-hour wait for completion.

And that’s just to finalise the exchange – the currency will take even longer to arrive in your account. With any FX exchange just a few mouse clicks away, you can get on with what really matters: running your business.
Do you have any questions about FX or making foreign currency payments through an International Business Account?

If so, get in touch with our Sales team today via [email protected] or +44 2038 079645.
First published on 08/12/2021.
Updated on 07/02/2022.

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