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Is 3S Money a bank?

3S Money is an Electronic Money Institution (EMI). As an EMI, our client-first, tech-based approach means we can help any business, anywhere, access the fastest, most innovative, and safest banking solutions.

These include multi-currency business accounts, foreign exchange in 65+ currencies, and cross-border payments in 190+ countries and territories.

How is 3S Money different to a bank?

Electronic Money Institutions are leading a digital payments revolution. They're challenging banks, driving innovation, and making financial services accessible for all.

Here are some of the main advantages that a 3S Money International Business Account has over traditional banks:

We make international payments cheaper

3S Money specialises in making high-value international payments affordable for every business. We work with top-tier banking & technology partners to help you maximise every transfer.

We accept business owners from 190+ countries

We aim to support businesses and owners in as many industries as possible. We apply human logic to onboarding, compliance and KYC procedures, allowing us to work with companies & individuals in high-risk regions that traditional banks might otherwise decline.

We only provide human support

Each 3S Money account is assigned a Client Manager – an international payments expert committed to helping you capitalise on opportunities within your industry. Receive personalised 1:1 assistance to navigate the global payments market on your terms.

We make financial management simple

Simplify your financial management with our Client Portal – your all-in-one digital payments platform. Our easy-to-use system gives you a complete overview of your global cash flow, held currencies and IBAN accounts.

We help future-proof your finances

We stay ahead of financial technology to provide you with the tools for tomorrow while helping you pay and get paid on time today. Our systems are designed for scale, so wherever your business takes you, you can trust 3S Money to support you.

How 3S Money protect your funds

As we're not a traditional bank, we don't have the issues caused by legacy infrastructure and bureaucracy. For example, banks must join the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
As banks loan out customers' money, the bank could become insolvent if too many borrowers default on their loans. If this happens, the FSCS is legally required to compensate eligible customers.

As an EMI and not a bank, we’re not required to join the FSCS scheme. However, as we don’t loan out client funds, we retain 100% liquidity. This means that in the unlikely case anything was to happen to us, we could instantly release customer funds.

How do we do this? We keep our operational funds separate from our client funds in top-tier correspondent banks around Europe, including:

Does 3S Money have a banking licence?

We don't have a banking licence, but three leading authorities globally regulate us:

This means we have a regulatory obligation to operate compliantly and legally. It also motivates businesses to offer their customers the best possible service.

Open a 3S Money International Business Account

Choosing 3S Money over traditional banks isn't just a financial decision; it's a choice for flexibility, convenience, and a more personalised payment approach. 3S Money is more than just a banking alternative; it's a place for those individuals looking for a partner to support them on their business journey. 

Check your eligibility today and receive pre-approval in under 15 minutes. If you're not ready to apply, speak to our friendly team to learn more.