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We're rolling out virtual cards

Exciting news. After a successful beta test, we’re pleased to be rolling out 3S Money virtual cards to our clients.

How our virtual cards work

Created in partnership with Manigo, our virtual cards are especially designed for online payments – they're already being used to shop online, book accommodation, flights and more. Virtual cards were one of our top requests from our clients, so naturally, we listened. 

Sidenote: if you’re a client who has an idea for a feature or product improvement that will make your life easier, we always want to hear from you. We may even make it happen sooner than you think. 

Our virtual payment cards are debit cards especially designed for online purchases. There’s no plastic card, only card details. You can set spending limits and freeze/unfreeze cards for additional security.

Ready to get started? Here’s where to find them

The virtual cards are stored on our very own client portal, with its own designated tab. It is here that our clients will find their card details, access their payments history and view their card balance. 

We’ve already received great feedback from clients and seen multiple transactions go through. Another release, another improved product for our incredible international clients. 

What’s coming next

Next, we’re focusing on Apple and Google Pay integration and plastic cards. At 3S Money, we believe in a cashless economy. That’s why we don’t plan for our plastic cards to be usable at ATMs. 

Do you agree? We’re always keen to hear your thoughts. 

Our roadmap is full of client-focused improvements, helpful features and industry-defining ideas. For more product updates, watch this space.

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