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Financial inclusion: what is it and why does it matter?

Creating a fairer future for businesses around the world starts with financial inclusion.

6 minute read

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Learn how 3S Money is helping its customers around the globe.

Payment Guides

How to send money to Germany

Are you looking to expand your business in Germany? Refer to our all-in-one payment guide to send and receive payments with confidence.

190 days ago


Why are businesses bypassing traditional banks and opting for digital alternatives?

Bad banking services can severely impact your success. Learn why more business are switching to digital providers.

23 hours ago

Payment Guides

How to send money to the UK

Wherever you are in the world, transferring money should never be complicated – and these days, it doesn’t have to be. We explain how to send money to the UK in our latest payment guide.

2 days ago

Payment Guides

How to Send Money to the UAE

As-salaam 'alykum! With one of the world's most inclusive, innovative, and inspiring economies, the UAE is a world-leading business hub. Find out how to send, receive, and exchange business payments in the Emirates.

7 days ago


Understanding B2B Cross-Border Payments

B2B cross-border payments can be a huge catalyst for growth and global outreach in business! We delve into the nuances of B2B cross-border payments and how you can streamline them for your business.

8 days ago

Business guides

How to reduce burn rate in start-ups?

For budding entrepreneurs, keeping burn rate as low as possible is essential for longevity and increased chances of success. Learn all about burn rate in our latest blog.

10 days ago