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3S Money is a global payments service for a community of selected cross-border businesses. We accommodate clients on invite-only basis.



We welcome clients from over 190 countries (not just the EU) and support their international and local payments through our extended correspondent network. The types of businesses we assist:

and exporters

service providers



Merchants paying and collecting globally, with a particular emphasis on ‘emerging markets’

IT developers, digital advertisers, marketplaces

Holdings, providing liquidity and acquiring interest and gains from their international assets

Asset managers, making investments and distributing profits

Due diligence

At 3S Money, we need to fully understand your business before we can offer you membership. Therefore, we conduct an enhanced due diligence assessment of your company, operations and main counterparties. Using modern KYC tools, our in-house team, with their profound understanding of international trade, will be able to onboard you rapidly. Normally, opening an account with 3S Money will take five business days. A face-to-face interview with a key person in your business is essential. Have a look at the onboarding application form with its list of required documents so you know what to expect. 

Onboarding what to expect

Payment security

At 3S Money, we take the security of our clients’ accounts very seriously. That’s why, when the registration is complete, you’ll also receive an email telling you how to install the DUO app. DUO Security is a two-factor authentication service; you’ll need this to access your account and authorise transactions.

Once DUO is installed, you’ll be able to access your account on our portal and see your account details (including your account number). 

To install the Duo Security App for your 3S Money account, please click this link on your Apple or Android phone, tablet or other device.

Multi-user account access

We appreciate that your business requirements are complex and you may need more than one person in your organisation to be able to manage your 3S Money account. 

In some instances, one person may manage multiple companies; in others, one company may have many people accessing its accounts. 

Company roles can be fully ‘access enabled’ or restricted to ‘viewing only’, as required.



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