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What is an International Business Account?

Are you part of a business involved in sending and receiving high-value global payments across multiple currencies? Look no further than our 3S Money International Business Account.
Our International Business Account helps directors and shareholders in 190+ countries to facilitate high-value global payments, exchange 65+ currencies and open local business bank accounts. Al with the help of their very own Client Manager.

Think of it as your entry point into the world of efficient international payments, FX and more – all supported through a dedicated and intuitive platform designed to bring corporate clients closer to their customers quickly and securely.

And speaking of support: when you sign up for an International Business Account, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Personal Client Manager to help with any queries you have. Because our clients are the reason we’re here. 

Who are our International Business Accounts used by?


With their ability to pay and receive large amounts of money across multiple currencies worldwide, our International Business Accounts are ideal for a wide range of clients – for example, SMEs that have outgrown the likes of Wise and Revolut.

Industry-wise, we support clients ranging from international traders and holding companies to import and export businesses, family offices and e-commerce companies such as Pangaia - learn how we helped them scale their environmental fashion brand here.

With a dedicated account manager on hand at all times, the prospect of opening an overseas account or making international business payments couldn’t be easier.

There’s a reason why our International Business Accounts are trusted by directors and shareholders in over 190 countries.

What are the benefits of an International Business Account?

A 3S Money International Business Account is designed for ease of use, catering to ever-expanding needs of global businesses through a single platform. Here’s what you can expect from a 3S Money International Business Account:

  • Multi-currency e-money accounts

  • 65+ supported currencies

  • Competitive exchange rates

  • Collect and payout without currency conversions

  • Instant payments in UK and Asia

  • Near real-time European payments

  • Same-day international payments

Is it simple to open an International Business Account?

For many non-residents visiting a conventional bank, opening an international bank account is much harder than it should be (our co-founder created 3S Money off the back of his own experience, in fact).

We simplify our onboarding by providing a human contact to guide you through the process – you won’t find any infuriating chatbots or automated responses here.

Whatever your situation, whether you’re a non-resident looking to open a local UK bank account or require a foreign currency account, we’re here to get you up and running smoothly.

While other traditional banking partners might take months to onboard you as a customer, we aim to complete the same process in just days.

I have a foreign passport. Am I eligible for a 3S Money International Business Account? 

Yes! We don’t believe that having a foreign passport should be a barrier to opening a bank account – or your success. We also believe in due diligence during the application process.

Most importantly, we don’t hide behind automation when assessing the eligibility of any application. We carefully process each application on a case-by-case basis.

One of our team will be on hand to interview you, understand your needs and request any relevant documentation to get the wheels rolling on your International Business Account.

Once you’ve completed our onboarding process, you’ll be opening international accounts and making global payments in no time. 

What information and documents will I need to supply during my onboarding?

If you want to get ahead of the curve with your application, it helps to have the following kind of information ready:
  • A shareholder register

  • A signed resolution document

  • Evidence of funds (a bank statement, tax return, sales of share document etc)

  • Details of your business activities (where your goods are sourced from and where they’re shipped to, who your customers are)

  • Where your company is based

  • How long it’s been operational

  • Which countries you’ll be paying and receiving funds to and from

How do I sign up?

Thinking of joining 3S Money? We’d love to speak to you and explore how our International Business Account can help your business needs.
Get in touch with our friendly Sales team today at [email protected] or +44 2038 079645.


First published on 08/12/2021.
Last updated on 07/02/2022.

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