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How does a 3S Money International Business Account differ from a bank account?

As an account that can send and receive payments, you might assume our International Business Account sounds like a standard business bank account. It’s far more than that.
Discover how our International Business Account enables our clients to trade in new markets with confidence:

We specialise in high-value, cross-border payments

At 3S Money, we have the widest global coverage of any global provider for sending and receiving cross-border payments. We enable directors and shareholders in 190+ countries to work with 65+ currencies.

Our speciality is high-value payment processing: our average transaction value is €30,000.

Once onboarded with 3S Money following our compliance and KYC procedures, our clients can continue to make high-value payments efficiently.
You won’t need to worry about any restrictive country lists. This is one reason why Pangaia became a 3S Money client.

Open local IBANs without a local passport (or even setting foot in the country)

Traditional banks may choose to reject a foreigner trying to open a local bank account, but not us.

The idea of 3S Money was born from the moment our founder was denied a local business account due to his nationality, and it’s spurred us on ever since. 

We accept clients in high-risk countries (but not high-risk industries), giving them the opportunities they need to scale their business globally.
We help them to open local IBANs and pay local salaries and taxes. And the best part is that it can all be done remotely, thanks to our online application process.

That’s right: you won’t need to visit a local bank branch with your passport to open an account!

Your own Personal Client Manager

Having a human contact for your business banking is crucial.

Not only can you speak to a member of our sales team during your onboarding process, but you’ll also be assigned your very own Personal Client Manager. 

They’ll get to know you and your business, open local IBANs when requested, and respond to any queries you have (our typical response time is 20 minutes).

Likewise, they’ll ensure your business payments are taken care of – no more AML checks postponing your transactions without warning! 

That personal approach beats the infuriating chatbot experience offered by most traditional banks – and our clients agree too.

Exchange currency on the go

We offer competitive currency exchange rates at 3S Money – and, even better, they’re immediate.

Log into your 3S Money account, and an exchange window on the right-hand side offers a confirmation of your FX rate for you to accept or reject.


Happy with your rate? Accept it and it’ll appear in your account instantly.

Our live FX desk can help with any large-value requests. You can speak to them directly and they may be able to offer a better rate. Compare that to your typical bank experience with calls and quotes, waits for completion and more.

We charge a fee for our accounts

Compared to other free business or personal accounts, paying a monthly fee may seem excessive. But you get what you pay for: speedy payments, instant conversions and world-class levels of client service.
We enable your business to focus on being the best it can be, rather than chasing up administrative tasks or relying on traditional banking’s legacy systems.
Once you’ve had the 3S Money experience, you’ll wonder why you didn’t sign up sooner. 


First published on 04/03/2022.

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