Does 3S Money have API integrations?

Yes, we’re able to provide an API (Application Programming Interface) integration to 3S Money clients.

This enables you to use our services without directly accessing our client portal.

What APIs does 3S Money currently offer?

  • Send a bank transfer.

  • Send a batch bank transfer.

Account details and payment options

  • View all beneficiaries within select parameters associated with your account.

  • View a list of accounts owned by the user.

  • View a specified account owned by the user, along with its related payment details.

  • View individual account transactions during a specified period.

  • View transactions awaiting authorisation for a specific account.

  • View currencies supported on the Core.

  • View available payment types.

  • View specific payment type.

  • View fields required to complete and validate a given payment type.


  • Add a new beneficiary.

  • Delete an existing beneficiary.

  • Collect all details for a beneficiary.

  • Create a new beneficiary based on existing data.


  • Invalidate your current API key (you can request a new API key from your Client Manager).

How do I integrate 3S Money's APIs?

Please contact your Client Manager and request an API integration.

We’ll then provide a sandbox for you to test the functionality you require.

To prepare the demo sandbox, we’ll need the following information from you:

  • Your static IP address.

  • Your email – we’ll send your DEMO API key to this.

If you’re pleased with the functionality of the demo API, you can then request a Live API key.

We’ll need the same information as with the demo account, although this time we’ll email you an encrypted file containing your API key.

Last updated: 21/08/23

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