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Opening a Netherlands Bank Account for Foreigners

It's possible to open a Dutch bank account for non-residents, without visiting a traditional Netherlands bank. At 3S Money, we streamline the process for foreign businesses in 190+ countries to open their own local Dutch IBAN account, enabling them to pay local salaries and taxes.

Check your business's eligibility for one here. Want more information? Read on below.
It’s no secret that the Netherlands is an increasingly popular business hub. The Dutch economy is strong, access to the EU is coveted by many international businesses, and the Netherlands offers companies more opportunities in a post-Brexit world. 
At 3S Money, we’re proud to offer local Dutch IBAN accounts to non-resident directors and shareholders from 190+ countries. We work with clients across the globe, helping them scale their international activity and make more efficient high-value payments. Interested in gaining access to a local Netherlands account? Join us. Here’s a breakdown of how it works. 

How do 3S Money’s local Dutch IBAN accounts work?

With 3S Money, clients can accept and send out global payments using a local Netherlands account number. 
Your lnternational Business Account will be linked to a local Netherlands IBAN (International Bank Account Number), which is an internationally-agreed code of up to 34 letters and numbers that helps banks ensure international transfers global payments are processed correctly.
This means you’ll be able to do business like a local in the Netherlands and enjoy all the perks that come with that – from speed and ease to tax benefits and more. No local presence required. 
And the best part? We’ve brought the best of traditional banking to the digital world. You’ll get your own dedicated Client Manager, but the whole process is 100% remote and offers online access to your account. 

What do you receive with a 3S Money International Business Account?

We’ve reinvented international business banking. Our International Business Account gives you access to a multi-currency account to accept, collect and exchange payments from around the world. You’ll gain access to: 
- A NL IBAN in your name with 65+ major currencies
- A dedicated Client Manager that understands your business and actively cares about its success
- Your own online account dashboard for quicker, more efficient account management 
- Instant payments in UK and Asia, near real-time European payments and same-day international payment

Who is a typical 3S Money client?

If you manage high-value business payments internationally, 3S Money is a solution for you. 
Our International Business Accounts are ideal for international traders, holding companies and family offices that receive and pay out large amounts of money in foreign currencies to and from different countries worldwide. 
You don’t need to be from the EU and we won’t automatically reject you for your passport. In fact, our CEO, Ivan, set up 3S Money after being unable to get a local bank account for his Netherlands-based business. Put simply, we understand your business needs and work hard to make your working life easier.

What are some of the problems of opening a non-resident bank account in the Netherlands?

It’s possible to open a non-resident bank account in the Netherlands, but it isn’t always easy. Some Dutch banks do offer special “international” accounts but, depending on your business type, this can be a complicated process.
Corporate service providers, financial institutions, family offices and holding companies often experience difficulty when trying to set up a local account in the Netherlands. Currently, most Dutch banks aren’t opening local IBANs for companies with foreign corporate structures due to compliance incapabilities. Unless you’re a company with a turnover of more than €250 million, international business banking in the Netherlands can be an extensive, time-consuming project. That’s where we can help.
International businesses executing cross-border payments regularly encounter delays or blockages. For too long, low levels of customer service and slow response times have held back businesses. At 3S Money, we understand that international trade demands the ability to receive payments from anywhere in the world and deliver money to clients, suppliers and partners in seconds.
Ready to open your non-resident bank account in the Netherlands? No problem. Contact our friendly Sales team on [email protected] or +44 2038 079645.

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