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I'm applying for a family office. What documents do I need?

Family offices often choose 3S Money. This is because they usually consist of different legal entities, who we’re well equipped to deal with. For any legal entity within a family office, we require the same documents as per our usual compliance and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks:
For all company directors, major shareholders and accoount operators
- Passports: a scan of the document
- Proof of address: a scan of a utility bill, bank statement or tax document with your details
For the company itself
 - Company Registry Extract (no older than 6 months) or any other document confirming good standing of the company, management and shareholding structure – a scan of the document.
- Shareholder Register – typically in a PDF file format
You’ll be asked to identify individuals within your ownership structure who have more than a 25% stake in the company, along with your directors and authorised signatories. (In particular, we need to determine who the Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) (UBO) is/are.)
In some cases, we may need to have your company’s ownership structure verified by an accountant or another reliable third party.

What else do I need to know about applying to 3S Money for a family office?


Our business banking offers a practical and cost-effective solution for family office clients. We open up each of these legal entities so that their treasurer can transact with different companies, all through a single bank. The advantage of this is that any payments between accounts are immediate and free of charge.
We’re happy to discuss your needs and we do onboard family offices – you can have one more than one legal entity. Often, one Personal Client Manager works with an entire family office – they get to know the treasurer and each entity, streamlining any overall processes.
Would you like to sign up a family office to 3S Money? Contact our friendly Sales team today at [email protected] or +44 2038 079645.
First published on 10/02/2022.
Last updated on 28/02/2022.

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