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Helping sunflower oil producer Sunpro expand to new markets

When you think of the world’s food supply chain, it can be difficult to grasp the huge operation that keeps essential products, like sunflower oil, moving around the globe.

Sunpro produces sunflower oil (530 tons a day!) through its facility in Ukraine and sells to customers throughout the European Union, Turkey, and Switzerland. It also exports to Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East thanks to its strategic location near busy Black Sea ports. 

With their HQ in Switzerland, Sunpro is a truly global operation.

Much like 3S Money, Sunpro takes a tailored approach to their clients’ needs, negotiating the best possible agreements while keeping bureaucracy to a minimum. This flexibility has contributed to Sunpro’s quick growth and success.

The challenge

Keen to continue their upward trajectory, Sunpro began to look at creating the legal and financial framework to expand into new markets. A critical part of that was banking support.

But they encountered some challenges with traditional high-street banks – limited currencies, time-consuming procedures, and punishing fees.

Being a flexible and agile global business, Sunpro needed an equally flexible and agile global banking solution which would enable them to make and receive secure international payments with ease.

"We found 3S Money at a great time. They really helped us to start doing business with our new entities. 3S Money have a very client-oriented approach, and the team have been really kind and flexible. We’re growing together."
Ivan Zatoplyayev Chief Corporate Development Officer

The outcome

Sunpro was introduced to 3S Money through an acquaintance in Luxembourg. 

It quickly became apparent that our International Business Account would satisfy the requirements that other banks simply couldn’t: fast and secure payments in 65+ currencies and 190+ countries worldwide, competitive FX rates, and more.


Now, Sunpro has the financial tools to support them as they expand their operations and move into new markets.

But the relationship we’ve established runs deeper than just the practical problems 3S Money has been able to solve for Sunpro. We’re both growing companies who take a client-focused approach to doing business – and that’s a strong foundation for future success.

"Working with a business as ambitious as Sunpro is an exciting prospect. We share the same values and both believe in partnerships that power growth."
Ernest Grinberg Senior Sales Executive