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Offering a bespoke API integration to streamline client payments

Founded in Estonia in 2017, Reinvest24 is a platform that’s making investment in real estate more accessible. So far, they’ve enabled nearly 27,000 individuals to invest, funded 241 projects, and paid out over €18m to investors with an average yield of 14.94%.

Along with a talented team (who have extensive experience in real estate, finance and tech), CEO Tanel Orro has a mission to make Reinvest24 the leading real estate investment platform in Europe.

"It’s been a great pleasure to work with an ambitious company like Reinvest24. We share many of the same values, which is essential in building and achieving success together."
Timofejs Stepanovs Client Manager

The challenge

Reinvest24 enables clients to invest in real estate projects, often with a minimum investment of just €100. So far, nearly 27,000 individuals from 148 countries have chosen to invest.

To continue bringing more real estate investment opportunities to more clients, Reinvest24 needed a technical solution that would simplify the flow of payments from thousands of different clients in different countries. But there was a problem.

Reinvest24 found that very few Fintechs were willing to build bespoke API integrations for individual clients, preferring a one-size-fits-all approach. But that wasn’t going to work for Reinvest24’s unique needs.

Then they discovered 3S Money. And things started to look up.

The outcome

3S Money were able to offer Reinvest24 the personalised service they were looking for. Technical teams on both sides worked closely to build a unique API integration between the two systems to enable the 3S Money product to work in a way that perfectly suited Reinvest24’s requirements.

It was completed quickly and smoothly - from start to finish, the entire process took just two to three weeks. Onboarding was taken care of by Inita Darzina and their Client Manager, Timofejs Stepanovs, is now on hand to ensure that 3S Money’s trademark personalised service continues.


With a system in place that’s built to meet Reinvest24’s unique needs, the flow of payments from investors is now far simpler and more streamlined.

With 3S Money’s easy-to-use and intuitive platform, Reinvest24 can monitor global payments from a single dashboard giving them an invaluable overview of all transactions.

"3S Money provided a bespoke service that’s hard to find with other fintechs. As a result, we can now focus on our goal of becoming the leading real estate investment platform in Europe knowing we have a solution that will scale with us."
Tanel Orro CEO