UK multi-currency business account 

with sort code and direct debit

Open a multi-currency business account to instantly expand into new global markets.

  • Get local UK & EU IBANs in your company name
  • Enjoy instant payments in the UK, EU & Asia, and same-day international business payments
  • Benefit from 65+ currencies at competitive rates
  • Directors and shareholders accepted from 190+ countries
  • Send and collect high-value business payments without transaction limits
  • Receive support from your own dedicated Client Manager

A new standard for international business payments

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    Instant global payments

    Process international payments on your terms with access to 65+ global currencies.
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    Unlock new markets

    Send, receive and exchange high-value business payments to 190+ countries.
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    Reduce business costs

    Save money and avoid surprises with 5x cheaper FX rates than traditional banks.

All of your local business accounts in one place

Dedicated Client Manager
Dedicated Client Manager, so you can focus on your business while we take care of the rest.
Add more currencies simply
With your 3S Money account, our online platform allows you to send payments to 190+ countries, receive funds in 65+ currencies and exchange currency instantly.
All business accounts in one place
Streamline your cross-border trading and benefit from an organised, easy-to-use interface.
No residency requirements

At 3S Money, we see you – not your passport. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, SME director, startup founder or ecommerce newbie, we believe everyone should be able to do business globally – regardless of where they were born or live. That’s why we work with directors and shareholders from 190+ countries.

Scale to new markets with confidence

Based in the UK and want to reach western markets? In the UK or US and want to unlock new markets in Asia? Either way, a 3S Money International Business Account gives you the financial tools, confidence and support you need.


Standard International

Business Account


Bespoke International

Business Account


Suitable for:
Importers, exporters, manufacturers, professional service providers and ecommerce businesses

Suitable for:
Businesses with complex structures, holding companies, family offices, asset managers and investment funds

A dedicated Client Manager
High-value international payments aren't without complexity. We're here to make it easy for you.

Senior Client Manager support

Large transaction support
Executive support for payments over $1m

Number of users per account



We keep our rates low

International transfer fees

A 0.3% charge applies to incoming, same-currency transactions from Zone 2. An additional charge of 1% of the value of the transaction applies to incoming and outgoing transactions to/from Zone 3 countries.

incoming payments icon

Incoming payments - free

An additional charge of 1% of the value of the transaction applies to incoming and outgoing transactions to/from Zone 3 countries.

outgoing payments icon

Outgoing payments - $1

*Incoming payments from Zone 2 won’t incur additional charges unless they are payments in EUR, GBP and USD and you wish to deposit this money without converting to a local currency at a competitive rate.

*A 0.3% charge applies to incoming, same-currency transactions from Zone 2.

*An additional charge of 1% of the value of the transaction applies to incoming and outgoing transactions to/from Zone 3 countries, regardless of incoming volume p.a.

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    Regulated by the FCA, CSSF & DFSA

    We’re monitored by respected independent regulators across the world.
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    Safeguarding compliant

    Operate your business knowing that 100% of your funds are protected.
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    Human support when you need it

    We don’t do chatbots. Just a dedicated Client Manager who cares about your business.

To open a business account online, check your eligibility today! You can be pre-approved in as little as 15 minutes.

Simple, fair and transparent pricing

3S Money’s fees are individually tailored to suit/meet your business needs. Start the application process and receive a full pricing plan that reflects your payment flows. Here you can see the types of fees we apply:

Account maintenance fee starting from: 


We accept mid-size businesses with an annual turnover of $600,000 or above.

Our competition? What competition

3S Money helps global businesses open online business accounts and simplify their international payments. Here's what makes us different.

Personal Client Manager

Average response time

Under 20 minutes

Shareholders and directors from 190+ countries

Pay and receive money in 65+ currencies

100% online application

High-value payment specialists

Up to 15 business days

Credit line

Up to $10m

Applying for your account only takes 15 minutes.
Get started, today.

We cater to businesses of all sizes and structures – starting with an application that learns about your business needs. Once pre-approved, our friendly Sales team will guide you through the rest of the process to opening your business account.

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