Expand your business overseas

with an International Multi-Currency Business Account

Instant, easy access to global markets for businesses based in Malaysia.

  • MYR business account in your company name with global access

  • Transact in 190+ countries and 65+ currencies (incl. MYR, USD, EUR, GBP)

  • EU and UK IBANs, plus US routing number in your company name

  • Resident/non-resident business owners and directors accepted

  • A dedicated Client Manager to support your business goals


Open a business account online and expand to global markets

With an International Business Account, your company can pay local salaries and taxes, collect customer payments, and pay suppliers in MYR, USD, EUR, GBP and more – all from one virtual account.

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    Local IBANs & US routing number

    Get local account details in your company name to reach new markets with ease.
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    Access 190+ countries & 65+ currencies

    Send, receive, and exchange payments in MYR, USD, EUR, GBP and more.
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    5x lower FX than banks

    Other banks set sky-high FX rates that eat into your profits. We don’t.
No residency requirements

At 3S Money, we see you – not your passport. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, SME director, startup founder or ecommerce business owner, we believe everyone should be able to do business globally – regardless of where they were born or live. That’s why we work with directors and shareholders from 190+ countries.

Scale to new markets with confidence

Based in Malaysia and want to reach markets overseas? In the US or Middle East and want to unlock new markets in Europe? A 3S Money Multi-Currency Business Account gives you the financial tools, confidence and support you need.


Your business, our priority: the safe and secure way to do business

3S Money helps unlock the potential of your business with safe, regulated international accounts and expert client management. Focus on success, we'll handle the rest.

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    Regulated by the FCA, CSSF & DFSA

    We’re monitored by respected independent regulators across the world.
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    Safeguarding compliant

    Operate your business knowing that 100% of your funds are protected.
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    Human support when you need it

    We don’t do chatbots. Just a dedicated Client Manager who cares about your business.

To open a business account online, check your eligibility today! You can be pre-approved in as little as 15 minutes.

Our clients say it best

Hear from real businesses who’ve scaled their operations and reached new markets using 3S Money’s alternative international payments solution.


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Helping SGR Consulting grow their European customer base in the UAE.
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Helping Fanpass buy and sell tickets for worldwide sporting and cultural events
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Keep costs down with one simple multi-currency account

Are you paying for multiple banking providers in different markets? You don’t need to. With a 3S Money International Business Account, your company can transact in 190+ countries and 65+ currencies with the lowest FX fees available.

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Traditional banks are failing global businesses

90-day waits to open accounts, residency requirements, automated customer support... who has the time (or patience) for traditional banking bureaucracy?

You need a service that understands your ambitions and innovates to help you get there. That service is 3S Money.


Applying for your account only takes 15 minutes.
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